Over 100,000 signatures for a Car-Free Central Park

Yesterday I went to Transportation Alternatives (TA) Rally for a Car-Free Central Park. The rally was to celebrate the 100,000 signatures that volunteers for a Car-Free Central. I saw Aaron from Starts and Fits and George Haikalis, from Auto-Free NY.

Despite chilly weather, the threat of rain and an early start (4:45pm) there were over 200 people at the rally, including the Democratic nominee for Borough President Scott Stringer. He came out in full support of not only a car-free Central Park all year round, but said that "we need to completely re-think how the city helps move people to and through the city".

They are asking for a modest plan of banning cars from all of Central Park for 3 months next Summer to prove to the city that traffic patterns will adjust easily. In fact, there have been plenty of recent examples when cars have been banned from Central Park, such as when "The Gates" were on display this February. Traffic increased only slightly around the park and even declined in some areas during those few weeks. A planned closure of the loop to cars during the Summer months would allow drivers to adjust over a longer period of time to the new traffic patterns. But the benefit will be a park that will be used for its intended purpose - a place for reflection, relaxation and recreation.
Central Park should NOT allow cars at all and in fact, that would be a good way to start limiting vehicles in Manhattan entirely, or at least NOT at peak periods.
If Manhattan doesn't lead the
way, as they say...forget about the
other boroughs following suit.  
Why isn't this an election issue?
I doubt emergency vehicles could get
to you in midtown traffic....in time.