Green Building Tour; Solar One Festival

Saturday was a veritable feast of sustainability in NYC. There were tours of green buildings through Green Homes NYC. I did the noon tour of 228 East 3rd Street. The Architect, Chris Benedict, and one of her associates gave a 1 hour presentation of the plan for the building. The idea is to create a more livable, energy efficient urban dwelling that does not cost more than a typical building. Through a mixture of innovative and common sense design features, this building will run on something like 15% of the electricity than a typical NYC building as well as significantly lower levels of gas for heating and hot water.

Then I walked over to the festival at Solar One at Stuyvesant Cove Park. More under the fold.

At the festival, there were a number of green product and service vendors. The guy at the Zipcar booth told me how they help make little trips around the city possible "just when you need it" offering cars at an hourly rate. They are everywhere in Manhattan. Also at the event were Times-Up, Lower East Side Ecology Center, Paper & Printing by Greg Barber Co., Environmental Leadership School - Green Corps and a number of solar product makers. For $20 I picked up a little solar charger for my cell phone. Sweet!

I'll write a little more later about Con Ed and my electric bill, but I do recommend everyone in NY sign up for the Con Ed Solutions Green Power Program because:
A. You lock in a stable rate for a full year
B. You don't have to pay NY state sales tax
C. It's pretty easy to do, just get your Con Ed bill and sign up. Your bill will come normally and just have a few more line items.
D. Oh yeah, you help build new sources of green power which will help NY diversify it's energy supplies.