Roscoe Bartlett Interview

I can't believe I missed this interview with Rep. Roscoe Bartlett that I came across on the Energy Bulletin. Check it out - he talks about CAFE standards, drilling ANWR, Tom Delay and his conversation with the President.
I myself was very impressed with it.  This is like Mr. Smith goes to Washington type stuff.  I'm stunned by the depth of his understanding.  I also would really be interested in going to his district.  Can you imagine what it would be like to have Bloomberg talking about the dangers of Peak Oil?  I just don't think it would fly and/or get much attention from the average busy New Yorker.

On a side note.  My landlord has left the heat on to the point where we have to keep the windows open because it's still not cool enough to have it on.  I was worried he was going to freeze us to death this winter, but he seems to incompitent in a business sense to realize all that extra NG is going to eat up his profits.  I guess I can't complain since i'm not paying it.  I'm sure he'll figure something out after the first few bills.  However, it just serves as an example as to how out of touch your average NY business person might be.  They have no idea that heating costs are going to kick their ass.  If they did they'd be preparing now.

Thanks for your perspective. Personally I think Bloomberg is more likely to take on the peak oil issue than Ferrer, but so far neither have mentioned it at all.

Your landlord will prbably complain for more tax breaks and subsidies or whatever and/or rents will be allowed to increase substantially! Or what if the building runs out in February and there is a supply crunch - the stuff he's burning now may end of causing you to freeze when you really need it.

In the end, we all pay for that type of incompetence.