Join Your Local Meet-Up - Or Start One

Wednesday is the Official Oil Awareness Meet-up day for the month of October.

One thing that was loud and clear from the Petrocollapse Conference was that the solutions to peak oil will be found at the local level and will require a great deal of coordination and cooperation in local communities as people adjust to the new realities. In fact the manpower for the Petrocollapse Conference was largely provided for by the 150+ people that we have as members of the NYC Oil Awareness Meet-up, the largest in the country.

Right now there are dozens of local peak oil awareness meet-ups that have started around the US. I urge you to join the nearest one to you and start meeting the people in your area. Here in New York, we have several different meetings each month. Learn more at their new website.

And don't forget that we are also trying to start some more local TOD sites! Let us know if you are interested.

Manpower? Are there no women among the 150+ members of NYC Oil Awareness Meet-Up? True, the PO community seems very male-dominated, but I'd be really shocked if it's that bad...
Actually the organizer and many of the volunteers were women, so I should say people-power.