A history of biking

Bikes are in the news in NYC this weekend. Gothamist has an interesting history lesson about the "Queensboro Six", a group of bikers who protested to gain back a bike lane on the Queensboro bridge. They were arrested for disorderly conduct, but they fought their case on the grounds that their actions were a necessity. The outcome of the story is happy.

Also, Rob Walker's fascinating "Consumed" column in Sunday's New York Times magazine discusses the branding of Critical Mass (a monthly, freeform, unplanned mass bike ride throughout the city). Is the recent attention they've been attracting welcome, or making people antagonistic to the plight of cyclists?

A couple of biking advocates in New York: Transportation Alternatives, Time's Up

I asked the car parking garage near my apartment if I could pay them $30/month to store my bike there or what price would make them interested. They just flatly turned me down. What we need is something like Chicago's Millenium Park bike station! They have indoor secure parking, showers, lockers, etc. NYC is so far behind. My company refuses to let bikes in the building.
A lot of garages won't even take motorcycles! This is true even though per square foot they'd probably be more profitable for a garage than cars.
ianqui, what page is that article on? It's not immediately apparent from reading the table of contents (or maybe it is and I just missed it).
It is above, but here it is again