Mission Statement

Conventional political, economic, and media institutions have yet to recognize energy’s role as a key contributor to society, and its importance as a driver for all of our physical processes and economic transactions. The Oil Drum seeks to facilitate civil, evidence-based discussions about energy and its impacts on the future of humanity, as well as serve as a leading online knowledge-base for energy-related topics.

1. Raise awareness

Most people are not aware of society’s profound dependency on energy and the magnitude of the problems we may face if energy becomes either too expensive or scarce. Politicians and the traditional media have tended to overlook the these issues, out of ignorance or due to conflicts of interest. We seek to fill this information gap, disseminating under-reported facts and analysis and providing an educational forum for those interested and engaged in energy’s role in society.

2. Host a civil discussion

This website is a space where energy issues can be debated in a civil manner. Through the encouragement of evidence-based reasoning, logical arguments and thought provoking exchange, we aim to host discussions with a depth and breadth absent from the traditional media or current political discourse.

3. Conduct original research in a transparent manner

We believe that the issues such as the timing and impacts of energy supply and demand problems can be explored empirically, in an open and honest manner. Our site marries the fast pace of the internet with the time-tested traditions of peer review in hopes of generating insights and questions that other professionals and decision-makers can take to the next level.

4. Create a global information community working toward a common goal

The nature of energy impacts vary greatly from country to country. We seek to leverage the open nature of the internet to create a global forum for the discussion of energy problems and solutions wherever these may lie. Your participation is welcome—if not necessary—for the improvement of our energy future. The assemblage of facts on a global scale is a powerful tool to advance understanding of what is a major challenge for humanity.