Index of Noteworthy Stories

Table of Contents

Tech Talk: Oil and gas

Date Title Author
07/16/2005The drillHeading Out
07/24/2005Using mudHeading Out
07/30/2005The derrickHeading Out
08/06/2005The casingHeading Out
08/13/2005Pressure controlHeading Out
08/20/2005Completing the wellHeading Out
08/27/2005Flow to the wellHeading Out
09/03/2005Working with carbonates Heading Out
09/10/2005Spacing your well Heading Out
09/18/2005Directional drilling 1Heading Out
09/25/2005Directional drilling 2Heading Out
10/02/2005Types of offshore drilling rigsHeading Out
10/15/2005Coalbed methaneHeading Out
10/23/2005Workover rigsHeading Out
11/05/2005Hydrofracing a wellHeading Out
11/20/2005Well loggingHeading Out
12/03/2005Seismic surveyingHeading Out
12/10/2005Gravimetric surveyingHeading Out
02/12/2006How carbon dioxide improves recoveryHeading Out
03/13/2006Getting gas from crudeHeading Out
03/26/2006Cracking oil is not a funny businessHeading Out

Tech Talk: Coal

Date Title Author
01/15/2006Room and Pillar MiningHeading Out
01/22/2006Longwall MiningHeading Out
01/29/2006Surface MiningHeading Out
02/06/2006Coal rank and thoughts on EROEIHeading Out
02/26/2006Gas and gasoline from coalHeading Out
03/05/2006Burning coal in place or in-situ gasificationHeading Out


Date Title Author
10/04/2005Where Supply Increases Come FromStuart Staniford
11/23/2005Happy Peak Oil Day?Stuart Staniford
12/22/2005November IEA global productionStuart Staniford
01/04/2006 Can Acts of God and Bush Explain the Plateau? Stuart Staniford
01/05/2006Refining the PlateauStuart Staniford
01/18/2006IEA Monthly Report for DecemberStuart Staniford
02/04/2006November Statistics UpdatesStuart Staniford
02/14/2006Close, but no cigarStuart Staniford
02/24/2006Missing BarrelsStuart Staniford
03/03/2006Cigar Now?Stuart Staniford
04/03/2006Plateau UpdateStuart Staniford
04/15/2006Plateau Continues, Aided by OutagesStuart Staniford
05/02/2006OPEC Declines and the World PlateauStuart Staniford
05/18/2006May IEA Oil Market ReportStuart Staniford
06/07/2006Pessimists at EIA Strike BackStuart Staniford
06/14/2006Plateau BackgroundStuart Staniford