Articles from June 2008

Date Title Author Comments
06/30/2008 Angola : A not so short history Luis de Sousa 2
06/30/2008 Countdown to $200 oil: $140 oil and speculation Jerome a Paris 238
06/28/2008 McCain’s Energy Plan: Correct Diagnosis, Killer Prescription Jerome a Paris 99
06/27/2008 World Oil Exports [00] Introduction Luis de Sousa 142
06/25/2008 A State of Emergency Euan Mearns 284
06/24/2008 Why UK Natural Gas Prices Will Move North of 100p/Therm This Winter Chris Vernon 149
06/23/2008 Saudis announce oil production increases...again...and again...and again... Jerome a Paris 85
06/21/2008 Dr Richard Pike: on proved reserves, peak oil and carbon dioxide Chris Vernon 117
06/19/2008 Dutch government acknowledges peak gas Rembrandt 27
06/18/2008 UK Inflation: the only way is up, baby Chris Vernon 90
06/17/2008 Oilwatch Monthly - June 2008 Rembrandt 86
06/16/2008 EU Commission's Energy Strategy for Europe Euan Mearns 163
06/14/2008 Post Peak Iberia Luis de Sousa 37
06/13/2008 BP CEO: Oil markets will save us Jerome a Paris 76
06/12/2008 A Little History of the Affordability of Domestic Energy in Great Britain Euan Mearns 62
06/11/2008 Energy Prices, Inflation and Denial Euan Mearns 77
06/09/2008 Why oil costs over $130 per barrel: the decline of North Sea Oil Euan Mearns 280
06/08/2008 Countdown to $200 oil meets Anglo Disease Jerome a Paris 167
06/05/2008 Fierce pride - yes it works! (or, first ever bank-financed offshore wind farm inaugurated!) Jerome a Paris 113
06/04/2008 Truth, Lies, Oil and Scotland Chris Vernon 117
06/04/2008 The Month of the Psychological Shock (Over Oil) in America? Luis de Sousa 23
06/02/2008 All that's wrong with 'common wisdom' in one article Jerome a Paris 65
06/02/2008 Eco-Driving promoted by the European Commission Luis de Sousa 63