Users having trouble logging in

Last night at around 9p EDT, I upgraded the TOD software. Since then, I have received reports from several users who say they can no longer log in to the site. As of today at 6:30a EDT, I made a change which I hope will fix the problem. If you are still having trouble, please delete all cookies in your browser and then try logging in again.

If you had the problem and it is now fixed, please leave a comment on this article telling me so. If the problem is still not fixed for you, send me an email at support at theoildrum dot com with information about your web browser and operating system.

I apologize for the inconvenience. Hopefully the issue will be resolved soon if it is not already.

[UPDATES below the fold]

[UPDATE] In Firefox, it is possible to delete a cookies for specific site without deleting all of your cookies. Go to Tools > Options and click on the Privacy tab. Click the Show cookies and find in the list. Select and click the Remove Cookies button (not the Remove all cookies button). This is likely possible in other browsers as well.

[UPDATE 10:20a EDT] I just made another fix. It seems that the original fix was not getting propagated to all of the webservers, so whether the fix worked depended on which webserver you were randomly directed to. Hopefully things will work now. If there are any of you still having problems, try the following:

  1. Log out of TOD.
  2. Clear your cookies (again).
  3. Log in to TOD.
  4. Visit Are you logged in there?
  5. Visit Are you logged in there as well?

I'm willing to bet that people who are still having problems are not getting logged in on both www1 and www4. Is my hypothesis correct?

That worked. Unfortunately, I had to delete all my cookies because I could find no hints for deleting just specific ones. Not my favorite plan!

I was able to log in without deleting cookies. (Firefox 5.0)

Same experience. No problem logging in using Firefox 5.01 (on a Mac).

Couldn't log in around 1:00 A.M. I went away and just came back and logged in, no problem. Didn't have to mess with cookies or anything. Running Windows Internet Explorer.

Antoinetta III

No cookie-deletion required here ...
But every once in a while you need to clear your cache and delete cookies.

I was able to log on too without deleting cookies (thank goodness since I don't know how to do that) - as above I'm using Firefox 5.0. Thanks for getting it fixed.

I was finally able to log on only after deleting the cookie file.

I've twice had "Validation Error" when posting today (including the first time I tried to post this). Retrying the comment worked if you see this. I'm on Firefox 6 Beta Linux.

Also totally different problem which I emailed about along time ago but I'll post here. A non-existent file (such as one in Rune's recent post) instead of returning "Not Found" returns - well try it yourself. (click this). Browsers don't expect html text being returned instead of an image file.

I'm having that problem, too. Repeated "validation errors" for every comment, preview, etc. I just try again and it goes through.

Yeah, deleting the cookies worked. For reference to any who are confused - when you put your user name and password in and hit enter, it looks like it appears to take it, the screen refreshes, but it has done nothing.

I log in, but within a few minutes I am logged out again and have to re-login to post.

Edit:  what's worse is that a tab open to a "Reply" link is re-directed to the main post if you're logged out.  This is seriously broken behavior.

I'm also being logged-off (Firefox 5.0).


I don't know if this is going to be a continuing problem but I'm having to log in again every time I re-enter TOD, i.e., "it's not remembering me."

Well, after going on to other sites a few times and coming back to TOD, everything looks OK. I'll see if it changes after I post this.

Well, I posted the above, went to another site and came back and everything worked. Hurray!

Deleted cookies last night, which I thought was the initial problem. I was able to log in this morning. Editing comments appears to operate as before.

Edit : was replying to a comment on Drumbeat and was logged off with an "unauthorized to post" message. Could not log back in until clearing cookies again and shutting down IE completely and starting up again.

Windows 7, IE 8.0.7600

Edit 2 : seems fine now. 10.16am. Thanks !

Worked in Firefox 5, but only after removing cookies. Will now try to comment in new tab to this comment.
PS. glitches happen in this business. I think you have done a great job keeping this site so accessible Super G.

This is a reply in new window to check behavior. So far so good.

I can login. I did not have to delete cookies. I am using Safari browser on my Macbook

Test to see if I can now post

Sometimes I can post new thread without validation errors, but always get them when I reply. Chrome/Ubuntu

I tried using Firefox and can edit and reply. Chrome still doesn't work.

Still attempting to post comment.


Couldn't log in last nite on my laptop; okay here on desk. I will try the laptop later today when I get home... est. 8:00 cdt.


I delete cookies, browsing history and clear my cache regularly. Good housekeeping....avoids many probs.

I could not log in previously today, but it works alright now.

Prompted me to correct my e-mail-adress which obsolete.

Seems to be working fine this morning (09:48 PDT)

Had many of the problems noted above last night, tried to change password, kept cycling back to Validation Error and so on as noted by others. I am using late model Firefox on a tiny underpowered netbook laden with bloatware that I am too lazy to remove in Windows 7.

This morning, the old account seemed to log in with no problem, no cookie deletion or other issues. Will report back if further problems, thanks so much for your hasty attention to this.

I booked in at 8 AM EST -- no problems, but then I'm still using an old not supported browser (Netscape 8.1)

Login works fine, no issues, thanks for doing all that work behind the scenes!


Had the login problem last night. Requested a new password, couldn't log in using the one-time password either, as Catalyzt described above.

Deleted cookies as instructed, now logged in, using the old password. Firefox 5.

There is an annoyance that gets exercised rarely.

I'm using Firefox just before Firefox 5 and XP.

When the comments grow past a single page and onto page 2 of comments, then looking at page 2 of comments will clear all the "NEW" flags. Same thing with starting to review comments on page 2 of comments and then looking at page 1 of comments: all of the "NEW" flags clear. So, the vast number of comments that arise in exciting times become unsearchable for "NEW".

I don't know about pages 3 or greater.

I imagine this is from trying to use the code for page 1 to serve page 2 as well. Perhaps just repeat the code for each additional page?

Thanks for a great site.


Works fine. Safari on Snow Leopard, Mac Mini.

Sure is slow. On a 6 meg network. Just checked.

NYTimes is speedy.

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