Peak Oil Conference - Barbastro, Spain, May 5, 6, and 7, 2011

There is an International Conference called Peak oil: Fact or Fiction? coming up May 5, 6, and 7. This is a link to the Conference Website. The conference will be held in the facilities of the UNED (National University of Distance Education) center in Babistro with the support of the Department of Science, Technology and University of the Government of Aragón and the sponsorship of the Fundación Ramón J. Sender. The conference venue is a town of 16,000 inhabitants, situated in Huesca, southern Pyrenees. UNED has 220,000 students.

The topics for the three days are

Day 1 - Analysis of the Current Situation

Day 2 - Responding to Oil Depletion

Day 3 - Getting Ready for a Future without Oil

Registration fee:

• Full 100 €
• Discounted 50 €

Ugo Bardi and I will be speaking at the conference, and there are a number of other familiar names among the invited speakers. A list of invited speakers and topics is shown below the fold. There will also be other speakers (chosen from those who submitted applications), but the list of these is not yet available.

Invited Speakers and their Talks:

Day 1 - Analysis of the Current Situation

• Mariano Marzo - Global Oil Supplies, Challenges and Uncertainties
• Chris Skrebowski - Short Term Outlook for Oil, Demand, Spare Capacity, Oil Projects
• Ugo Bardi - Modeling depletion - from Hubbert to System Dynamics
• Antonio Turiel - Non conventional oil: analysis of production capacity, environmental impact and EROEI
• Mikael Höök - Overall perspectives on fossil fuels: oil, gas and carbon depletion.

Day 2 - Responding to the Oil Depletion

• Ramón Gavela - The energy challenge: generation and energy consumption, demand evolution and the future energy mix.
• Pedro Prieto - The role of renewable energies in the Spanish energy future
• Cristina Castells - Measures to mitigate the effects of fossil fuel depletion: Energy savings and efficiency in urban environments
• Antonio Ruíz de Elvira - The link between oil peak and climate change
• Rob Hopkins - A world without oil: transition towns and relocation networks

Day 3 - Getting Ready for a Future without Oil

• Gail Tverberg - Economic impact of the shortage of fossil fuels. Interrelationship Energy-Economy-Environment
• David Strahan - Post-peak scenarios. Post-carbon mobility.
• David Lerch - Local authorities and the energy crisis: Action plans.

I just wanted to remind the Spanish speakers that there is a Spanish language version of the Energy Export Databrowser called Flujos de Energía with a Spanish language interface and, more importantly, Spanish language charts:

Explora la historia de uso de energía en más de 100 naciones y regiones!