Biophysical Economics Conference in Syracuse NY, April 15-16

For those interested/able to attend:

Biophysical Economics Conference
Friday April 15th through Saturday April 16th
SUNY College of Environmental Science and Forestry, Syracuse, New York
Moon Library conference room

Register when you arrive at the conference - $40 working person; $10 unemployed and students
Catered Lunch (about $8-10) each day

Schedule and hotels below the fold. Schedule subject to revision--check back for updates.

Summary of Schedule

(as of March 26)

Friday 8:30 am - Check in and Register

Friday AM (9:00 - 12:00) Reviewing EROI and Updating the Data

9:00 Introduction: What we are trying to do - Charles Hall
9:05 Twenty new studies of EROI for Sustainability Journal- Charles Hall
9:15 Towards a Consistent yet Flexible EROI Protocol - David Murphy and Charles Hall
9:45 New Assessment of EROI for the US back to 1919 - Megan Guilford, Charles Hall, Pete O’Conner, and Cutler Cleveland
10:15 EROI for Norwegian Oil and Gas - Leena Grandell, Michael Hook and Charles Hall
10:45 Does EROI determine fuel prices? - Carey King and Charles Hall
11:00 Net Energy Yield of Renewable Energy Resources - Mike Dale
11:30 Bottom up EROI Analysis - Adam Brandt
12:00 EROI Summary - Charles Hall
12:15 Brief advertisement for our new book,"Energy and the Wealth of Nations" - Charles Hall, Kent Klitgaard, and David Packer
12:20 Discussion (continues through lunch)

Catered Lunch (about $8 to $10)

(Friday 1:30-3:30) Energy cost of materials and their impacts

1:30 Energy Costs of Materials Associated with Thin-Film PV-Ajay Gupta
2:30 How Much Net Energy Does Spain’s Solar Program Deliver? - Pedro Prieto and Charles Hall
3:00 Energy Costs of Energy-Saving Housing - Yvan Dutil
3:30 Discussion

Keynote Presentation (4:00 - 6:00) (In 146 Baker Lab)

Putting the Mocando Gulf of Mexico Spill into Historical Perspective - Joe Tainter (relating to book with Tad Patzek)

Friday Night - Optional - Location to be arranged

A Primer on Net Energy and Economics - George Mobus
Underestimating the Overpopulation Problem and Overestimating the Power of our Actions to Address it - Jack Alpert

Saturday 9:00-12:30 - New perspectives on Economics

9:00 Beyond Hubbert: Liebig's Law of the Minimum - Gail Tverberg
9:30 Oil, gas, and the future of renewables - Steven Kopits
10:00 Further Critiques of Conventional Economics - Lisi Krall
10:30 (No title yet) - Hannes Kunz
11:00 Biophysical Economics and the Social Structure of Accumulation - Kent Klitgaard
11:30 Swedish Examples of Biophysical Economics - Kristian Skanberg
12:00 Discussion

Catered Lunch (about $8 to $10)

Saturday PM (1:00-2:00) Economic/Environmental Impacts of EROI

1;00 - Net Power vs. Net Power: Transition (aka transaction) costs in deploying energy technologies - Robert Herendeen
1:30 Institutional challenges for watershed management and sustainability in the Caraga Region, Philippines - Sarah Herbst

Saturday PM: (2:00 -4:30) - Round Table Discussion

The relation of Peak Oil, EROI, and Biophysical economics to the future of our financial system and repercussions for governments, businesses and individuals

Sam Hopkins (Moderator), Chip Barnes, Jim Gray, Jim Case, Andy Groat

4:30 Discussion

Saturday PM: (5:00 - 5:30) - Wrap up with James Kunstler

Optional Sunday AM

Finger Lake trip, breakfast, possible wine tour

Hotels Nearby

Crowne Plaza Syracuse (315) 479-7000 ‎

Parkview Hotel (315-701-2600)

Jefferson Clinton Hotel (315-425-0500)

Genesee Grand Hotel Syracuse (315-476-4212)

E-mail address for questions, etc

Biophysical Economics: biophysicalecon at gmail dot com

No doubt this will be a great conference. Wish I could get away for it. Would really like to see some of this material covered at the USSEE Ecological Economics conference scheduled for Michigan State University in June.

I still need to do my reservation but I will be there.