A new home for TOD:ANZ

The regional TOD sites were recently folded into the main site. (Of course, all old content is archived here.) The folks running TOD:Australia/New Zealand wished to continue writing region-specific content, so they've set up shop at http://todanz.blogspot.com. The address http://anz.theoildrum.com and the RSS feed at http://feeds.feedburner.com/theoildrum/anz now point there. If you're interested in energy news from Australia and New Zealand, please check it out.

The TOD:ANZ crew are still on staff here, so we'll be running their general energy content as well.

I've been unable to post a comment on the new site. I presume the regular TOD logon applies to TOD ANZ as I can't see any new dialog box. I am missing something?

You probably have to create a new login. Or use your Google/Blogger login, since the new site is hosted on Blogger.

Yes - we don't have a way to integrate with TOD logins now I'm afraid - you'll need a Google id (or some other form of Open ID id).

I agree with Boof, Big Gav. I have a Blogspot ID and I am signed in, but when I click on "leave a comment" or "Post a comment", it just takes me to a blank area at the bottom of the post. No text box or preview/post button.

Thanks for the "Best of TOD ANZ" post, by the way. A very handy index.

Something does appear to be wrong over there. The "post a comment" link doesn't work. I tried with both Firefox and IE.

Oops - sorry - I'll check it out...

OK - comments should be working now - apologies for the incomplete template testing...

Excellent - the comment window pops up now. Thanks.