Gasland In Australia

Josh Fox's movie "Gasland" is going to get a somewhat delayed release in Australia in November (it should still be topical though, given continued opposition to coal seam gas projects in Queensland and NSW, particularly the Hunter Valley) - GasLand – Australia.

Palace Films is pleased to announce that award-winning writer/director JOSH FOX will be visiting Australia to support the national release of his controversial documentary GASLAND.

The tour will include metropolitan and regional locations beginning in Brisbane on Monday November 8, 2010 and Mr. Fox will participate in Q&A screenings at selected locations ahead of the film’s national release on November 18. Details of public appearances will be announced soon.

After premiering at the 2010 Sundance Film Festival where it won the Special Jury Prize for Documentary and was voted the best competition film of any section by indieWIRE’s Sundance Critics Poll, GASLAND has gone on to screen at major film festivals around the world including Toronto Hot Docs, Sydney and Los Angeles Film Festivals.

Part vérité travelogue, part ecological expose, part showdown, GASLAND is a first-person story of discovery and empowerment that began in September 2006 when theatre director Fox received a letter from a natural gas company, offering him $100 000 for permission to explore his upstate New York property. His curiosity led him to discover that in the race for ‘cleaner’, greener & more efficient energy sources, the largest natural gas drilling boom in history has resulted in an environmental disaster of shocking proportions, and the PR-spun US government has not only turned a blind eye, it has regulated itself out of the picture.

The controversial Halliburton-led process of gas extraction that features in the film – hydraulic fracturing (‘fracking’) – has recently made national news in Australia as the burgeoning practice continues to spread in regions across the Eastern and Western seaboard, with recorded incidents of water contamination.

The coalseam gas industry is causing a lot of problems in Southern Queensland even at this early stage of development.There is a huge amount of coal underlying this area which is home to a lot of prime agricultural land as well as being in the headwaters of the Darling River system.It is also part of the Great Artesian Basin.So there is potential for both environmental and economic harm.

Disposal of saline waste water and pollution of underground water are major problems and the disruption to farming operations caused by mining activities has got local communities up in arms.

Needless to say the Beattie/Bligh government are much more interested in facilitating the gas industry than considering the damage caused.If you want to know the reason for this then just follow the money.BTW,most if not all of the gas produced will be exported therefore doing little or nothing to ameliorate our own energy problems.

The usual short term thinking driven by greed and stupidity.I will try to see this film when it comes to Brisbane.Thanks for the info.