New Facebook page

We are in the process of consolidating and streamlining our Facebook presence. Currently, it is spread out across several profiles. The Facebook group, personal profile, and old page are all going to be retired, and have been replaced by a new page.

If you would like to follow us on Facebook, you can help us out by "liking" our new Facebook page. If you are currently logged into Facebook, you should be able to like the page using the link below.

Thanks for cleaning this up.

Please have an administrator of the Facebook page go to to create or whatever short page name you prefer. You've passed the required 30 friend threshhold to do so.



Well, 169 people "like" it, I suppose that many can't be wrong.


Twitter next?

I have a Facebook account but don't access it much, and I have never bothered with Twitter. I spend all day at work in front of home some quick news/science sites and TOD are my I-net vices.

However, if the TOD staff wishes to reach a younger audience, marketing the discussion forum in FaceBook and Twitter are good ideas.

TOD-'branded' (sponsored/posted) videos on YouTube would also help spread the TOD 'brand' this case your organization goal isn't profit but spreading a message/stimulating discussions about the message topic.

Managing to have TOD mentioned in connection with PO topics on some TV and radios shows would be great as well...I'm pretty sure I heard Mike Malloy mentioned TOD once...maybe Thom Hartmann as well.

Great job!

Thanks to this, I have now made my first internet visit to a Twitter page!

Things like Twitter may be puzzling and seem silly to some of us old-timers, but Twitter and FaceBook etc is how the young folks roll...way to keep up with the times...

Things like Twitter may be puzzling and seem silly to some of us old-timers, but Twitter and FaceBook etc is how the young folks roll...way to keep up with the times...

I definitely qualify as a old timer actually more like a dinosaur but I like to keep up with evolving ways to network and access information.

While I myself spend very little time on Facebook and Twitter it is after all just another way to get access to information and people that interest me. I'm often surprised by strangers who are like minded and wish to start a conversation. It is a mistake to think that everyone on these networking sites is shallow and only interested in superficial topics. Obviously one needs to pick and choose with whom one might wish to engage and network. I also like the listed location for The Oil Drum, >;^) It's the same place where I live...

BTW these stats from the Oil Drum's Twitter page are not exactly to be sneezed at and the tweets allow you to link into the full TOD content...

* Name The Oil Drum
* Location The World
* Web
* Bio A web-based, interactive energy, peak oil and sustainability think tank facilitated by the nonprofit 501(c)(3) Institute for the Study of Energy and Our Future

6,498 Following 16,046 Followers 1,359 Listed

* 4,531Tweets

Sorry, Fred. The noise and clown rato is much to high for this oldtimer.

How are we going to use this?

Facebook, Twitter? Are things getting that bad?

Hope your not going to abandon us old faithful here at the :(

Haven't looked but can't imagine what use Twitter would be for this site. For me The oil Drum is about depth. Twitter and Facebook are 'shallow' media, imo.

I have a twitter feed and when somebody posts a new article on their site, they send out a twitter. I don't have to go to each site and check if something new has been posted and I just check my twitter portal which is part of my home page. With the DB I come here about every day anyway, for other sites it is very useful。  

Twitter and Facebook are 'shallow' media, imo.

Says the one who admits he hasn't looked and can't imagine what use there might be...

Note: here's an example of a shallow and superficial twitter site.

* Name CERN
* Location Geneva
* Web
* Bio CERN, the European Organization for Nuclear Research, is the biggest particle physics laboratory in the world.

32 Following 195,598 Followers 9,445 Listed

The CMS experiment at the LHC sees potentially new and interesting effect: 8:41 AM Sep 21st via HootSuite

* 311Tweets

Granted it might not be as interesting as following Paris Hilton...

What I should have said was that I haven't looked at TheOilDrum on Twitter. I have however joined Twitter and Facebook for a day each. I wish I hadn't. I've received a stack of unsolicited emails and have found it very difficult to actually leave the damn things. Twitter and Facebook clearly have their uses but as far as I'm concerned they are just more ways to waste time on-line. As for getting prompts about new posts. I like not knowing until I check the site. Sod conveniance. Better to get used to making the effort. Isn't that the future we all know is coming anyway? All this techno froth will most likely be swept away with Recession 2.0, aka, collapse.

I do hear what you are saying and as I mentioned I don't spend much time on either site myself. Still there are certainly valid reasons for some people to be connected to specific kinds of data streams and networks.

I'm guessing you don't have teenagers, in my case I sometimes have to communicate with mine and often it's the only way to get his attention, voice communication by cellphone is soooo last century! >;^)

Sounds like your teenagers need to take the Crash Course!

I have a 5 year old daughter. I'm guessing that realities will be kind of different when she hits her teens. I suspect teens by then will not have quite as much time to fritter on such pleasures.

"voice communication by cellphone is soooo last century!"

I can understand that. I got a cell phone a couple years ago after I was stranded on the side of a road. Its a Tracfone and I keep it in the car. I use it maybe once every three or four months. But's it nice to have in case I get stranded again.

What's amazing about Facebook is how many friends their users have. So it wouldn't be any value for someone like myself who is a near-hermit.

I have found facebook to be very valuable for staying in touch with far flung family in England, Australia, the US and Spain. On top of this friends and family I havn't seen in years have got into contact again over facebook including second cousins I havn't seen since I was 9 years old.

Thanks Super G! You Rock!


One thing that would be cool is if you could come up with a mobile version of the site that displays more cleanly on a mobile device.

The Social Network about the life and heady times of Facebook and it's creator Mark Zuckerburg opened at theaters nationwide yesterday. It has as 97% consensus on the Tomatometer. Not interested? Go see it...I think you'll change your mind.

A lot of drummers ignore movies and social media but it's a new world and not just "for young folks".