Upcoming Forum In Sydney: 'Peak Oil - Is this the end of civilisation as we know it ?'

Those of you who are free in Sydney on Wednesday night might like to head along to this forum being held at NSW Parliament House - Peak Oil - Is this the end of civilisation as we know it ?.

The 14th. forum of the Fellowship of the Round Table will be held in the Jubilee Room, Parliament House, MacQuarie Street, Sydney on St. Patrick's day 17th. March 2010 6pm to 8:30pm.

The speakers are:

Dr Garry Glazebrook PhD

Dr. Glazebrook is a senior lecturer at the University of Technology Sydney, has been a member of Ron Christy Public Inquiry into Public Transport and has been nominated to speak by ASPO Australia.

Ms Lee Rhiannon, MLC

The Hon Ms Lee Rhiannon is a prominent member of the New South Wales Greens and is well known for her work in relation to the Peak Oil Response Bill 2008.

The Reverend the Hon. Dr Gordon Keith Mackenzie Moyes AC MLC

The Reverend the Hon. Dr Gordon Moyes AC MLC is a member of the Family First Party and voted in favour of the Peak Oil Response Bill 2008.

Mr Ian Cohen, MLC

Ian Cohen has been a pioneering community-based environmental and social justice activist since 1980 and voted in favour of the Peak Oil Response Bill 2008.

Peter Driscoll

Peter Driscoll is a former Insurance company executive who co-founded Transition Sydney Incorporated in 2008 with the aim of promoting and supporting transition initiatives throughout the greater Sydney region to help local communities meet the challenges of post-peak urban living.

Each speaker will talk for up to 15 minutes and treat the topic as he or she chooses.

Questions from the floor when the speakers have concluded

Entry: $20 p.p $10 (concession) includes tea and biscuits before the Forum.

Enquiries: phone 02 9340 1055 or E-mail fortaustralia@softhome.netThis e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

Ring or email to reserve your seat. Payment can be made at the door but seats are limited

Hmm, a provocative title, good for attracting attention maybe...
But it's hard to see an "end" of civilisation unless somebody does something stupid with nuclear weapons.

Civilisation may have already taken a downturn in places like Zimbabwe, Haiti or (some years ago) East Timor, but actually life goes on. (Worst examples that I can think of in recent history, Rwanda, Nazi Germany, Soviet Gulags. The dust settles and life goes on. The lucky countries insulate themselves from the trouble zones. *That* is civilisation as we know it...)

I'm guessing that maybe it means "civilisation as we know it", rather than extinction.

Mind you, I'd argue that war on a large scale is more likely in an age where there's not enough to go around for everyone. And in such a scenario, WMDs might be viewed by certain political and military leaders as more desirable.

So, never say never, I guess?

The talks given by Driscoll, Moyes, Rhiannon and Glazebrook were informative and interesting. The event was recorded, so hopefully the video will be available online soon.

The overall conclusion of the evening was that both major parties as well as state and federal governments are hopeless in recognising the need for a response to peak oil, while smaller governments such as city councils and local municipalities are creating constructive attempts at relocalisation and down-scaling.

Thanks - let us know if / when the video is posted online...

Bugger, Only read this today and was going to get some friends in Sydney to attend. (If they would go)

Yes. Please let us know if the video is posted!!!

Thanks :)