The Bullroarer - Monday 13th September 2009

The Age - Rudd and the power of the sun

Solar Systems, it seems, went under principally for one reason - they cannot get the money they need to grow. The consequences of that are pretty immediate for the 150-300 odd people who will lose their job. Then factor in shareholders who have done their money. Then the consequences for the environment of not having the world’s largest solar power plant, up there near Mildura. Not to mention the loss of skills, expertise and knowledge from all those people not building that plant.

Peak Energy - Japan, Korea sign $70b Gorgon gas export deals

The SMH reports that Chevron has now sold most of its share of future gas production from the Gorgon field off WA - Japan, Korea sign $70b Gorgon gas export deals. Note the projected income from these sales is based on a much higher oil price than at present.

The Age - Green fury at plans to sell brown coal to India

THE State Government is considering exporting millions of tonnes of high-polluting brown coal to developing nations under a plan championed by Energy Minister Peter Batchelor in a recent cabinet meeting.

As hundreds of people gather today in the Latrobe Valley to protest against Hazelwood, the state's dirtiest brown coal power station, a new environmental battle is likely against the Brumby Government over use of the state's massive coal reserves.

The Australian - Clean-coal power in giant Galilee plan

THE giant Galilee coal project proposed by billionaire Clive Palmer for central Queensland has just got bigger with a power station utilising clean-coal technology proposed for the site. Mr Palmer has proposed a $1.25 billion power station to be built adjacent to the site of the proposed new coalmine about 30km northwest of the tiny town of Alpha.

This puts the total cost of the entire Galilee project, which involves a new coalmine, a 490km railway line to a 40-million-tonnes-a-year two-berth export terminal at Abbot Point near Bowen, and now a power station, at $8.7bn.

WSJ - Australia Could Be Biggest LNG Exporter - Conoco

Australia could become the world's biggest exporter of liquefied natural gas, or LNG, by 2020, the head of ConocoPhillips' (COP) Australian unit said Thursday. The comments came as Chevron Corp. (CVX) said it has signed three binding sales agreements to supply nearly three million tons a year of LNG from the proposed Gorgon project in Western Australia state to Japanese and Korean energy companies.

SMH - Chinese targeting uranium

A BEIJING directive to its growing nuclear power industry to step up the acquisition of strategic uranium supplies has led to an agreed $85 million takeover bid for Energy Metals, the main partner in the Northern Territory Bigrlyi uranium deposit.

Inhabitat - Bubbletecture Stadium Popping Up in Melbourne

A bubbly new soccer and rugby stadium is popping up in Melbourne that will feature a highly engineered exterior structure combined with many sustainable features. Designed by Cox Architects, the Melbourne Rectangular Stadium is a marvel of architecture and engineering with it’s bubble-like facade inspired by Buckminster Fuller’s geodesic dome. Construction is fully underway, allowing a glimpse into how the cantilevered structure is being put together.

Peak Energy - Solar Systems collapses

The Business Spectator has a report on the collapse of solar power company Solar systems, which was touting "the world's largest solar power plant" (a CPV solar tower) in north west Victoria - Solar power company Solar Systems collapses.

Business Spectator - Gold: Currency Or Confused Commodity ?

Gold is the commodity of craziness. Gold miners, even those wearing suits in the city, are all possessed by the ghosts of wild-eyed, bearded prospectors from the gold rushes of the 1850s; gold investors are that unique breed of incurable optimists who don’t want to be paid any income on their capital; and big gold bling wearers are possessed by Mesopotamian princes and princesses.

Peak Energy - Chinese solar plant expected to be the biggest

Peak Energy - Audi Chief Calls Chevy Volt “A Car For Idiots”

Peak Energy - AGL 'forced electricity prices higher'

Peak Energy - Plugin Vehicle Tracker

Peak Energy - Iran Gets its First Electric Car

Peak Energy - GE's Net-zero energy house

Peak Energy - Gulf Stream Weakening ?

Peak Energy - Algae-Covered Buildings To Boost Biofuel Production ?

Peak Energy - Fighting For Windmills

Peak Energy - Tree Power

So, collectivly, we can find nearly Au$9Bn to build a mine, railway, power station, and the associated CCS equipment, but we can't find under half a Billion to build a Solar Power Tower...

No problem mate, its all clean green coal anyway

Well - Rudd did promise a large CSP facility in Queensland too - we'll see if either of them actually materialise (I'd be betting we just get the coal mine and export facilities).