New feature: PDF versions of stories

PDF versions of The Oil Drum stories are now available. These versions are optimized for viewing in a PDF viewer or on a printed page.

You can find a link to PDF versions at the bottom of each of the story summaries on the front page, or at the end of each story on the story page.

That's a nice feature ... is there a plugin for that you could point to?

Thank you.

I think that if you install Acrobat Reader the appropriate plugin will be installed.

Excellent! So much better than saving mht's. To take it to the next level perhaps you could bundle up the "must have" articles as rar's for download so that we can have them locally before the net goes down.

Great! This makes information more available.

Super G, you can alter the title of the document so that it includes the Node Title. The result could be something like:

That would make it much easier for archiving purposes.

I can support you in that if you like the idea.

I sent SuperG an email, in case he didn't read your comment.

Super, Super G. Also good being compatible with the Acrobat 5.5 that I use (whereas many organisations oblige a later version for no good reason!).
HOWEVER--I notice that the burning wood pdf has the last 8 words missing. Any idea what happened there?! (A missed selection I suspect.)
Also please move the headers' http://etc in a little from the margin as on printing out to A4 it presently loses the last number.

Thanks for this.
Over and above this, is it possible to download an archive of older articles (maybe all from previous month or year or even everything) to read off-line? It would be an interesting and valuable thing to have around if my internet connectivity is perhaps not quite so reliable in the future.

I asked for this maybe two years ago now. TOD tried something then that didn't quite work and had to kill it. Thank you for keeping it in on the back burner and I hope this does work.

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The only problem I have is the comments do not seem to down load.
The comments are the best part sometimes, entertainment ans information, so I would like to see them included. I realise that there would need to be some cutoff but it would be nice.