The Oil Drum available for Amazon Kindle

The Oil Drum is now available for the Amazon Kindle reader. You can purchase a subscription for $1.99/month. Ideally we would give it away for free, but Amazon won't let us.

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$2/month is an absolute steal for quality information and debate like this!

If $2/month is an "absolute steal" then what is $0/month?

Amazon gets most of the money, so not much we can do.

I would like to see a book on Amazon - Title - The Oil Drum -, Subtitle - Discussions about energy and our future. -, arrangement Topical to include best comments on each subtopic. Could be done as Volume 1, with other volumes to follow ever couple years. This is doable and it would get published.

For the Kindle, I would like to see the subscription price come down if possible.

Subscribed! Thanks!

Would like to see an Ipod Touch version

Am I the only one who sees this as somehow ironic - that we add support for yet another consumer gadget that might not be supportable post-peak?

Sometimes you need to charge money to be recognised as being worth something. I know it is counter to the oildrums philosophy but in my experience people tend to rate advice they have paid for as superior to that they receive for free.