Presentations Oil Drum/ASPO 'Peak' Summit

While these presentations were given a while ago, I don't think we ever posted this list of links to the various presentation. Several of these were discussed in separate posts, but many of them were not.--Gail

On 26 to 28 June the 'Peak' Summit was held at the Alcatraz free University near Perugia in Italy. This informal meeting organized by The Oil Drum, ASPO Netherlands and ASPO Italy, hosted 50 people who discussed many topics including peak fossil fuels, resource depletion, mineral availability, human behaviour, climate change, and the future of the financial system.

Several presentations were held that can be found below the fold. I also made voice recordings of a few presentations which will be combined with the slides and be put here at The Oil Drum in the coming weeks in video format.

Presentations of the Alcatraz 'Peak' Summit in Italy 2009 arranged by topic

Fossil Fuels

Jean Laherrère, Importance of reliable oil & gas data: 1) Update on US GOM data, 2) Natural Gas Hydrates, PDF 23 slides, 1.5 MB

Luca Chiari, Fossil fuel constraints on global warming, PDF 19 slides, 0.8 MB

Metal availability

André Diederen, Global Resource Depletion: Metal minerals scarcity and the Elements of Hope, PDF 24 slides, 0.5 MB, text of spoken presentation

David Rochat, Mining the Technosphere: a Solution for the Industrial Ecosystem?, PDF 34 slides, 1.8 MB

Rolf Widmer, Material flows linked to electric and electronic equipment in Switzerland, PDF 33 slides, 0.8 MB

The Financial System

Gail Tverberg, Finite Resources: One Possible Explanation for the Financial Crisis, PDF 24 Slides, 1.3 MB

Antonio Zecca, presentation still missing: will be added here as soon as available

Pieter Cornelissen, Deconstructing Wealth, 15 slides, 0.1 MB

Resource Depletion and Human Behaviour

Nate Hagens, An umbrella view of resource depletion and human behaviour, PDF 148 slides, 8.7 MB

Collapse of complex societies

Ugo Bardi, The fall of the Roman Empire: a dynamic model based on EROEI, PDF 21 slides, 1.9 MB

David Korowicz, Things fall apart: Some thoughts on complexity, supply chains, infrastructure & collapse dynamics, PDF 23 slides, 1.3 MB, text of spoken presentation


Philip Harris, presentation still missing: will be added here as soon as available

Solution Frameworks

Euan Mearns, European Energy Security and Strategies to Mitigate for Energy Decline, PDF 19 slides, 3 MB

André Diederen, Global Resource Depletion: A roadmap towards sustainability?, PDF 18 slides, 1.9 MB

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I've negotiated a public viewing license with ASPO and will start showing videos of the conference in downtown San Francisco, possibly here: