The Bullroarer - Friday 29th May 2009 - Scientists proclaim climate change is natural
Welcome to the land of Oz Kiwis, just ignore that man behind the curtain... *SIGH* One of my degrees is from Monash. It used to be a reputable University.

As the Rudd government geared up its push for a CO2 cap-and-trade emissions trading scheme (ETS), which would annihilate what’s left of Australia’s collapsing physical economy, a public symposium last Sunday heard evidence from several leading Australian scientists that climate change is a natural phenomenon.

The symposium, ignored by the lying mainstream media, was held at Monash University and convened by Emeritus Professor Lance Endersbee. Several scientists identified hard evidence that severe cooling is the biggest climate challenge that we face—and its cause is entirely natural.

Brisbane Times - Bligh makes pledge on Waratah coal mine

Premier Anna Bligh has endorsed a proposal to create Australia's largest thermal coal mine in central Queensland.

ABC - Wong concedes climate target error

The Federal Government has admitted that a crucial mistake was made in announcing its new carbon emission reduction targets.

SMH - WA government to prosecute Apache Energy

The West Australian government will prosecute oil and gas producer Apache Energy for failing to maintain and repair a gas pipeline that exploded last year.

TVNZ - Solution to climate change, or a whitewash?

Forget the government insulation scheme, Barack Obama's top man on global warming has suggested painting your roof white is the answer to climate change.

Radio NZ - Price of oil keeps rising

Oil surged past $US65 per barrel in price on Thursday to a fresh six-month high after OPEC decided to keep output levels unchanged.

The Australian - Torch on climate mess: political debate heats up

"The most straightforward and efficient approach to reducing carbon emissions -- a carbon tax -- was never seriously considered. Voters do not like to hear the word ‘tax’ unless it is followed by the word ‘cut.’”

So Mr Obama -- like Professor Garnaut and Mr Rudd in Australia -- proposed something “very similar to a carbon tax, albeit slightly more cumbersome”. - Air NZ could cut bills with biofuel

Air New Zealand could save up to 1.4 tonnes of fuel on a typical long-haul flight using a Boeing 747-400 if it was powered by a blended biofuel mix.

Tone - IT industry accused of failing to deliver climate change solutions

According to results from the Greenpeace Cool IT Challenge, the IT industry could easily reduce its green house gas emissions, but is currently failing in the challenge.

The Australian - Politics trumps policy in new ETS argument

YOU can take the apparatchik out of the ACTU but you can't take tough tactics out of the gamebook of union officials, even after they enter parliament. On Wednesday, former ACTU chief and present Climate Change Parliamentary Secretary Greg Combet warned the mining industry to carefully consider its response to the Opposition's refusal to immediately pass the Government's climate change legislation. This is passing strange, given the conservatives were considering a very similar scheme when in government and Malcolm Turnbull has endorsed the Government's targets, demurring only at the date of its introduction. But none of this cuts any ice with Mr Combet, who says the Government's promise to compensate polluting industries for at least five years, whatever the Copenhagen conference on climate change in December decides, might not apply if the emissions trading scheme is rewritten after then. - Fuel cell technology way of future

Electric or solar-powered water taxis, ferries, bus and trains are the shape of North Shore’s next generation public transport systems, says a group of Massey University students. - Climate change to kill coastal tourist attractions

SUPER cyclones. Heatwaves. Catastrophic coastal flooding in north Queensland. Ski slopes with no snow.

This is the grim scenario being laid out as a warning to Australian tourism leaders as they plan strategies for the industry's survival over the next 40 years.

Some Australian and international scientists believe tourism will be critically affected by climate change from as early as 2030.

The Australian - Vitriolic climate in academic hothouse

The first 50 parts per million of CO2 operates as a powerful greenhouse gas. After that, CO2 has done its job, which is why there has been no runaway greenhouse in the past when CO2 was far higher.

During previous times of high CO2, there were climate cycles driven by galactic forces, the sun, Earth's orbit, tides and random events such as volcanoes. These forces still operate. Why should such forces disappear just because we humans live on Earth?

Fluid Handling - SWSP and BOC propose LNG fuel for vehicles in Victoria’s south west

THE SOUTH West Sustainability Partnership (SWSP), along with BOC and Victoria’s regional transport companies, is proposing a $150m project which will see more than 120 heavy vehicles in the state’s south west running on liquefied natural gas (LNG).

Proactive Investors - Bounty Oil & Gas to get set with drill rig for Pep 11 well, Sydney Basin

Investors looking to get set for the drilling of the the Fish Prospect in PEP 11 project in offshore Sydney Basin - Bounty Oil & Gas N.L. (ASX: BUY) a 75% interest - will not have to wait much longer. A drilling rig tender process for the well has commenced. Well design work has been completed to undertake a drill test of in PEP 11, and a tender has begun for the provision of a jackup drilling rig for that drill test.

I continue to post the anti-action diatribes that come out in the Australian because I like to present and consider all viewpoints..... However the latest one has me wondering if I shouldn't just give up. I feel like I am in a burning house and we are arguing about who dropped the match. Are we, as a species, just too stupid to live? Maybe I should just give in, sell the house, buy a doomstead, equip it with shotguns and tinned food, and wait for the inevitable demise of the species?

Sorry. Felt the need to rant. I feel better now....

Cheer up Aeldric, we still have 21 years to enjoy a nice holiday on the Great Barrier Reef...

I, for one, enjoy hearing what the state of denial still is. (And reading your summary is far less depressing than buying a whole printed edition of the Oz...)

Don't give up,aeldric.I didn't have the patience to read all the comments on the Plimer piece but it is astonishing that denialists are in such numbers,seemingly.
Bad prognosis for Australia and the planet,but then,I knew that.
Keep up the good work.

Lance Endersbee is a member of the Australian Climate Science Coalition, which was created by the Australian Environment Foundation, a front group created by the conservative think-tank, the Institute for Public Affairs. All these groups receive generous funding from mining and fossil fuel companies. As sourcewatch put it,

More recently, the IPA has been the driving force behind the establishment of a number of new non-profit front groups, including the Australian Environment Foundation - which campaigns for weaker environmental laws - Independent Contractors of Australia - which campaigns for an end to workplace safety laws and a general deregulation of the labour market, and the ironically named Owner Drivers Australia, which campaigns against safety and work standard for truck drivers.

Interestingly, on the "about us" part of their site (linked above), the ACSC says,

"We do not believe that past and current climates are sufficiently well understood to enable projections of future climate changes to be accurately predicted."

Yet at their conference, the scoop article tells us,

"Several scientists identified hard evidence that severe cooling is the biggest climate challenge that we face"

Putting them together, we get,

"We can't make any predictions except ones I like."

Interesting. Well, the "about us" page also tells us about Endersbee,

Emeritus Professor Endersbee is a civil engineer of long experience in water resources development. His fields of specialisation include the management of planning and design of major economic development projects, water resources, energy engineering and transport engineering.

Like many climate change deniers - who for some unknown reason have among their scientifically-qualified ranks many engineers and geologists, but not many meterologists, biologists, etc - Endersbee has no particular expertise in the area he studies. He's entirely self-taught, and thus is no more or less qualified to speak on the matter than any other self-taught random drongo who can string a couple of sentences together coherently, like you or me.

Scoop's article is a press release from the Citizen's Electoral Council, an anti-semitic right-wing fringe party, so of course it's not very technical and doesn't give us any details. But searching for Endersbee online gives us this summary for example. He says things like,

The recent increase in CO2 in the atmosphere is an evident fact. The critical questions to be considered are whether the man-made emissions of CO2 are the actual cause of the increase in levels of CO2 in the atmosphere

Yes, they are. We know this from isotopic analysis; the carbon already in the atmosphere is different to the carbon in fossil fuels. This is explained in copious detail here.

The large cities are also hotter, but this is mainly caused by the vast areas of black pavements and the dark buildings that absorb the heat of the sun, and continue to release that heat at night.

Which would be relevant if temperature measurements were taken only in cities. They're not.

The past winter in the northern hemisphere has been the coldest for several decades.

This confuses weather with climate. This financial year our spending exceeded our income by $150,000. Does this mean we're doomed to bankruptcy next financial year? Well, no... we bought a house, and we're not buying a house again next year, so... Year-to-year things jump around a lot, what matters is the long-term trend. Any idiot can understand this; a climate change denier chooses not to.

I could go on like this, but that would be almost as tedious as this old Professor, who really should retire quietly and gracefully. Monash pretty much has to let him host little conferences, because they have to let old academics who worked there years ago have their way. It's part of academia to listen politely to distinguished old fools. But we don't have to pay him any mind.

If you really wish to present and consider "all viewpoints", aeldric, how some flat earthers or Stalinists or Raelians? If you were running a website about health, would you include stories from the tobacco industry that smoking is good for you? No. It's not unfair to exclude the truly loopy and wilfully ignorant, and lies from those who very obviously stand to profit by inaction.

Thanks Kiashu. In answer to your question, if I was running a health site, then yes I would include stories that smoking is good for you - but only if those stories were gaining curency and clouding the issue, thus requiring that they be publicly examined.

This is propoganda, it needs to be exposed to the light of day and shown for what it is.....which you have done quite well. Thanks again.

The thing is that every moment spent answering propaganda is a moment not spent talking about the truth and what to do about the truth. Treating them as worthy of rebuttal gives them a legitimacy they don't deserve. That's why, as I've said many times, if someone wrote an abiotic oil article for this site it'd be rejected. It's too stupid to be worthy of discussion.

Rather than rebutting each load of nonsense dished up about climate, it'd be much simpler to have a link in the sidebar to this site, which provides rebuttals to the most common denialist arguments. Then if anyone says, "why don't you report about this recent conference of SCIENTISTS who say -" you can just say, "look at this site, if these guys have any arguments not covered there, come back to us."

I assure you they never come back with anything new, they just wander in a month or so later to say exactly the same thing they did before. Climate change denialists are like this guy:

"Definitely, definitely an excellent scientist."

Like him, they like their routine and are unable to process fresh information.

There's enough nonsense in our lives without going searching for it, or spending a good chunk of our lives sorting through the turds people drop to see if any of the peanuts in there are edible. We know they're not. Why waste our time?

In "defence" of Monash (my alma matter - when I finally submit) the modern University has to raise funds from the private sector.

I'm sure the univeristy will survive this travesty of free speech ;-)

But afterall they rented out Lecture Theatre South 1 for 4 hours for this "Symposium". I note that the flyer implores people to attend sharpish... they obviously didn't want to run over time.
Imagine the letters to the editors or worse, articles in The Oz lamenting the left leaning academia had they not agreed. But it would appear that the convenor probably had some contacts.

I await the peer reviewed pulished papers from this august symposia.

I like your style. :)

While I do agree with the sentiment that the idiots at The Oz deserve some exposure... perhaps we can agree to this.

Links should not be active. Let's just post the address as text.
My reasoning... lets not let google encourage them by increaing the number of links to them.

If we are going to post excerpts from The Oz (who do have good business coverage, even if their editorial / political stuff is awful) then we need to post the links - otherwise they could justifiably become grumpy with us.

Personally I wouldn't increase the pagerank of some piece of climate skeptic lunacy by linking to it though - I'd just ignore it entirely.

This Artile Appeared today online in the Melbourne Herald Sun

Oil and gas to drive recovery

an interesting read



I was kind of hoping that we could hang onto that stuff until it was worth something. Silly me.

Why should such forces disappear just because we humans live on Earth?

An Editor or Journalist worth his/her salt would be able to construct a strawman that wasn't so blindingly obvious as this one, so it's no surprise this particular person work for The Oz...