The Bullroarer - Friday 3rd April 2009

NZ Herald - Fraser Clark: Winds of change blow towards renewable energy

Most of us would consider the remote possibility our home may burn down is a good reason for taking out insurance. Yet Brian Leyland argues that a "90 per cent risk" that climate change is caused by human activity is insufficient reason for us to take out the "insurance policy" of legislation aimed at reducing greenhouse gas emissions.

The Australian - Trade surplus a recession buffer

AUSTRALIA has shrugged off a 30 per cent dive in regional trade to chalk up an amazing $2.1 billion trade surplus in February, the second-best result on record.

Sales to China hit a record $3.7billion, but healthy exports to other markets, including Britain, India and the US, are cushioning Australia from the global downturn.


But Australia's export returns will drop next quarter when the new contracts for coal and iron ore exports come into force. - Reality hits optimism on renewable energy target

Renewable energy sources will have to produce nearly twice as much electricity as they do now if the government's target of 90% renewables is to be met by 2025.

Despite enthusiasm from some industry participants, others are sceptical that such a goal can be met.

Voxy NZ - Another First From A Winery Pioneering Climate Change

At Yealands Estate's vineyard and state-of-the-art winery, a range of techniques have been implemented including solar and wind power, numerous high tech energy savings initiatives, the harvesting of storm water to irrigate the vineyards around the winery and developing more than 20 wetland areas to preserve native species and attract native birds.

ABC - Climate change protection: Indigenous community backs marina

Aboriginal landowners say the proposed Arafura Harbour development near Darwin's East Point will provide funding and protect the nearby community from rising sea levels.

The Australian - Bishop backs Kevin Rudd on climate change at bushfires service in London

George Browning, the former Bishop of Canberra and Goulburn, told more than 2000 people gathered in London's Westminster Abbey that human activity was causing climate change and extreme weather conditions.

Industrial IT - Nano-Nouvelle’s clean energy semiconductor gets Climate Ready grant

Nano-Nouvelle is developing a nano-structured thin film semiconductor which it claims will efficiently convert various forms of energy into electricity. It hopes to complete developing a proof of concept by the end of 2009.
The new nanotechnology would be targeted at the renewable energy sector, with the goal to provide clean energy at an economically-feasible price.

NZ Herald - Farmers can cut gas emissions and still make profit - report

More than 13 per cent of New Zealand agriculture's greenhouse gas emissions can be cut at an overall profit to farmers, the Sustainability Council told MPs today.

ABC - Carbon trading will create 'new fields of employment'

Carbon trading in Australia will create millions of new green-collar jobs by expanding traditional industries and creating new ones, says the CSIRO's senior science leader.

ABC - ACT solar water heater sales go through the roof

There has been a sharp increase in the number of solar hot water heaters sold in the ACT in the last three months.

Guide2 NZ - Commissioners Turn Down Bid For Wind Farm Near Dannevirke

Wellington, April 3 NZPA - Local government commissioners have turned down an application by Contact Energy to build a $500 million wind farm near Dannevirke. - Arctic ice 'gone in 30 years'

Arctic sea ice is melting so fast most of it could be gone in 30 years.

ABC - Anger at Rudd's adviser over coal comments

The New South Wales Government has questioned the impartiality of a top-level Commonwealth adviser after he raised concerns about a planned expansion of Newcastle's coal facilities.

Proactive Investors - Cougar Energy raises $4.2m to develop underground coal gas gasification project, QLD

Cougar Energy (ASX Code: CXY) has received commitments for the placement of 70 million shares at a price of 6 cents per share, raising a total of $4.2m before costs associated with the placement.

The funds raised will be used primarily to advance Cougar Energy’s Underground Coal Gasification (UCG) project near Kingaroy in Queensland, specifically for the construction of the UCG Pilot Plant facility due to commence operations later this year. Additional work will also be undertaken on expanding the resource base for the Company’s proposed 400MW power project at Kingaroy, and on the Company’s Wandoan coal lease in the Surat Basin. - Farmers unsure climate change is man-made

FARMERS in the Northern Territory are calling on the Federal Government to cease work on climate change policy until all scientists agree that global warming is man-made and not part of a natural cycle.

Farmers! Bah! These are the geniuses who grow rice in tabletop NSW.

With irrigation - irrigation in drought-ridden Australia.

How the land naturally is.

Whatever Aussie farmers reckon is smart, reverse it and you get common sense.

Some years ago, looking at the sandy ditch that used to be called the Murrumbidgee River south of Griffith, I was set to musing, "Why does Australia grow rice? (Or, for that matter, cotton and other high-water-usage crops?)"

Obviously economics has driven it. When the price of water to those who have an irrigation licence is only (fractions of?) cents per tonne, it's not so surprising that individual farmers choose to grow the crop that produces the most cash for a given area of land.

But incorrect pricing of the economic imputs (therefore incorrect "allocation") is the road to ruin - look what happened to the Aral Sea under the Soviets. Now climate change has simply denied the supply of cheap water to the rice farmers, despite the valuable piece of Government paper stating that they have a "right". We read that the National rice crop has reduced by nine tenths.

Sow the wind. Reap the whirlwind.

Yes,indeed,Cretaeous.I have recently been in the Murray area around Echuca and the Upper Murray around Corryong.

The Barmah forest appears to be in reasonable condition considering the drought.The Gunbower Forest is a sad sight with many dead,dying or stressed river red gums.The surrounding irrigation areas are approaching desert status with clear evidence of salination.There are many hundreds of kilometres of irrigation ditches in this area,as on the Murrumbidgee,which will never see water again.

The Upper Murray has been trashed by overgrazing.The Hume "Resevoir"is a sight I would love to forget,but can't.

I could go into more detail,but what is the point.The current federal government is fiddling around the edges of this disaster.The states in the basin are not going to play.The private interests are not going to give up their entitlements without a big fight to get megabucks in compensation.Meanwhile,the whole ecosystem goes down the tube because of stupidity and greed.

until all scientists agree

/shakes head sadly
Damn yokels. Even the LNP (Queensland) now undertands (after yet another electral drubbing) they have to have a 'city-slicker' fronting the party if they have any chance of winnin an election.

You will never get everyone to agree on everything. Bloody hell, there's still people who believe the Earth is flat, and that the Earth is at the centre of the Solar System (and Universe). Arguments like the above are nothing more than a delaying tactic, designed to pressure those in power into some sort of concession. Frankly, stuff 'em.

Tame creatures are perpetually infantile. They expect "Daddy" to take care of them.
Australians are infantile. They expect "The Government" to take care of them.

The government is drawn from cohorts of Lawyers and journalists. They failed maths and science. They haven't a clue.

Please ignore them.

The New South Wales Government has questioned the impartiality of a top-level Commonwealth adviser after he raised concerns about a planned expansion of Newcastle's coal facilities.

Infrastructure Australia Advisory Board member Professor Peter Newman says the damage caused by coal will increase dramatically if Newcastle's port facilities are doubled.

Professor Newman has also questioned the credentials of "clean coal" technology.

"Coal is not a renewable resource, it's the major source of climate change emissions," he said. "A long-term future around increases in coal would be a mistake."

NSW Ports Minister Joe Tripodi says he now has serious reservations about Professor Newman's ability to be impartial.

Of course, by 'impartial', Tripodi means 'coal-export-oirented'.

"Mr Newman needs to decide whether he can comfortably meet his obligations," he said.

Better than you and your team, apparently.

The NSW Minerals Council is also concerned but NSW Greens MP Lee Rhiannon has welcomed the comments, saying they could mark a turning point in the way governments treat the coal industry.

Sorry Lee, not going to happen. :( Big Coal own the NSW, QLD, Vic, and Federal Governments.