World Energy Interview with Matt Simmons - Inside Look at the Past 16 Years

World Energy has provided us with another Matt Simmons video. This one is a recent interview, and lasts 43 minutes. In this video, World Energy takes and Inside Look at the past 16 years of oil and gas trends through the eyes and experience of Matthew Simmons.

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Not a bad interview for a historical review, but I was really hoping that Matt would have revealed some new info about his recent speculation on Russian natgas depletion; his theory of Europe being toast, cold toast.

Does anybody know of a transcript of this interview?

It was Richard Loomis, who is the person doing the interview, who sent me the code for this.

I can ask him whether a transcript might be available.

Richard Loomis also speaks out on energy this week on

I thought he did very well, made some interesting points on nat gas production for 08. and some interesting cap and trade comments. how gov't is coming after those big and evil oil companies money.

nice video of matt simmons too. i enjoyed it!

Odd, all I see for a link is "This Text Will Be Replaced." Well, duh. World Energy Television - Energy Crisis

God I hate video, how do you save .asf files so I can listen to this at my leisure? Never mind, Download ASF - StreamDown and Free Kate's Video Cutter (free) download to convert to MP3.

For those who have listened to it, does Matt explain his rather improbable call for Mexico ceasing exports of crude this year? Another meteor headed for Cantarell, perhaps?

I suspect a more likely estimate for Mexico approaching zero net oil exports is by the end of 2012, but in terms of the volume of post-2004 cumulative net oil exports, there is not that much difference; the bulk of post-peak net exports occur close to the final production peak (e.g., Indonesia shipped 44% of post-1996 cumulative net oil exports in only two years, by the end of 1998). I estimate that by the end of 2009, Mexico will have shipped about 90% of their post-2004 cumulative net oil exports.