The Bullroarer - Monday 2nd March 2009

Courier Mail: New homes will have six-star energy efficiency ratings under ALP

NEW homes built in Queensland from next year will have to meet six-star energy efficiency ratings under a Labor Government, Premier Bligh as announced.

The Australian: Canada's Mega Uranium to establish first mine in WA

MOVES by Canadian mining company Mega Uranium to establish Western Australia's first uranium mine have been significantly bolstered by Japanese interests seeking a 35 per cent stake in their planned project in the state's goldfields region.

Mega became the first company to apply for a West Australian uranium mining lease in December, just after Colin Barnett's new Liberal Government lifted the state's long-standing ban on mining for the element.

Brisbane Times: Queenslanders lead charge to green power

Queensland is the fastest growing adopter of green electricity, according to a report released on Sunday by independent energy price comparison service

Switchwise founder Shaun Johnson says 330,000 households in Victoria are on green power - 37 per cent of the total. But, Mr Johnson says, Queensland is the fastest growing state, with a 43 per cent increase to 220,000 households in the quarter ending last December.

Weekly Times: Keen on mustard fuel idea

FARMERS in drought-affected areas could soon be harvesting mustard seed to run their tractors, if trials by a Melbourne company are successful.

The Australian: Asia-Pacific's airlines face lean times

ASIA-Pacific carriers have been warned they face a dismal year a their region leads year-on-year declines in traffic, thanks to a deepening aviation crisis that is expected to slash $US35 billion ($55 billion) from global airline revenues.

ABC:Petrol prices spike inflation gauge

A key measure of inflation has recorded its biggest two-month increase following a rebound in petrol prices.

Re the QLD government election promise of 6 star rating being mandatory for new housing.

Yeah,sure - if Labor wins the election ,big if at this stage,this won't get into legislation.The Bligh government is in the pocket of the building industry lobby,among all the other growth at any cost crowd.They will fight this like any other attempt to combat climate change which impacts on their bottom line.

Sorry,but a lifetime of being a mere Queenslander has made me cynical regarding our "fearless leaders".In the circles that I have moved in "fearless" usually means f'ing stupid.

I'm always amazed by governments that propose doing great things after they are re-elected.

If its a good idea and they really want to do it, why not do it right now while they are in charge ?

Because if they did things now, they wouldn't have anything to pork-barrel us with in the future.

I was in Fiji a few weeks ago for an investment seminar, and one Aussie Tourist, also a Queenslander, was bemoaning the state of our politics, particularly Infrastructure. I opinioned that Governments only do the minimum amount necessary to placate the population, and only do something that temperoraly solves one problem at a time. If Governments went 'above and beyond the call', and implemented policies that permanently (50 years plus) fixed problems, and that fixed multiple problems at once, we wouldn't 'need' them. :)

Yeah,sure - if Labor wins the election ,big if at this stage,

Labor will win again. Queenslanders still remember the Joh era.
As incompetent as the Labour Government is (although they have gotten Disaster Politics down to a T, what with all the practice they've had), the LNP is even worse. As it is, The Borgs commitment to, what is it, halve, the Budget Deficit within three years (sound familiar?) will require either a massive rebound in growth, or the selling of assets (and we can all guess what will be sold first: Queensland Rail. Because selling the State-owned rail network has been such a great idea throughout the rest of the country, right Borg?).