Can We Buildout Renewable Energy Infrastructure and Pursue Economic Growth at Same Time?

1)Yes, we have enough energy/materials to continue BAU while building out renewable infrastructure
9% (58 votes)
2)Yes we have the energy and resources to do it, but why should we? (Perpetuates a non-desirable path)
4% (24 votes)
3)Yes, but only if we curtail non-essential industry and focus on 'smart-growth' -we then have enough energy gain and materials
19% (128 votes)
4)No, we cannot have growth AND scale renewable infrastructure without creating greater problems and shortfalls in the future
19% (125 votes)
5)No, not only can't we have growth, but we can't scale renewable infrastructure for 6+ billion in time, etc.
46% (303 votes)
6)Other - some choice not generally reflected above
3% (22 votes)
Total votes: 660

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