Nate Hagens : Natural Gas Cliff and Credit Situation on Global Public Media

Nate will be a guest on Jason Bradford's Reality Report radio show today, discussing, among other things, the natural gas cliff and the current credit situation. The Reality Report will be on KZYX&Z between 12:00 noon and 1:00 pm Eastern Standard time today. You can listen live, by using one of the links on this page.

Nate and Jason-
Great show, the Natural Gas section being the most informative for me.
I'm off to the redwoods to get some of the alone time that Nate mentioned that is needed for our creative thoughts.

My source on that quote is:
On Being Certain: Believing You are Right Even When You are Not

(and personal experience)

Enjoy the hike...;-)

I thought Nate's interview was really good. The show was recorded, and will be on Global Public Media.

Thanks for the tip on this. The interview was excellent. When will Global Public Media have it available?

Gail, my dialup connection cannot handle video. Is there a transcript available anywhere?

The interview is audio, so it may not be as bad for dial-up.

I'll see what we can do about a transcript. None is available yet.

I know it's rather late, but does anyone know how the fibonacci ratio and natural gas prices correlate? recently discovered fibonacci rules and was wondering how it works with Nat gas. was wondering why it hasn't been discussed before?

some folks swear by it, others don't.



Never heard of the fibonacci ratio. Can you elaborate or provide a link?

Fibonacci ratio is a technical trading system based on mathematical laws of nature. If you measure the spiral in say a conch shell, there are distances measured in specific ratios typically 23.6%, 38.2%, 50%, 61.8%, etc. With respect to it's use in investments, its like any other investment tool - in hindsight it seems to work very well, but our own penchant for confirmatory evidence causes us to ignore the times it doesn't work. By definition, if fibonacci analysis on Natural gas gave a risk-adjusted advantage, more than likely everyone would use it and it would cease to work because by using it, nat gas traders/speculators/users would change the price dynamics.

Rockman - stick to your fundamental knowledge of nat gas business -too late in game to learn some esoteric trading algorithm - but the universal nature of these numbers IS of interest (outside of financial markets). Just my 2cents.

Rockman, here is a link

there is also the elliot wave theory, which uses the fibonacci sequencing. there are terms like retracements etc, that people can use to predict markets. I have not thought of it before, but it could be used to help see where oil price goes, or even nat gas. thereagain hindsight is 20/20 regarding how well it did or does. Fibonacci is very fascinating, and i am sure it is used in the markets trading. not just day traders.