Two programs on Sustainability on ABC Radio

Thanks to Chris Mardon for this heads up on two interesting programs on sustainability this morning on ABC Radio National (Australia).

The first was Ockham’s Razor. You can listen to the show or read the transcript on the ABC RN website.


The financial crash has an enormous impact on the global situation and Australia is no exception. Our cities are places where the crash hurts deeply. Many cities with their urban sprawl, poorly designed buildings and inefficient transport systems consume enormous quantities of fossil fuels and emit high levels of greenhouse gases. Professor Peter Newman from Curtin University in Perth, has some suggestions for the future of our cities.

The second is Background Briefing. It is a repeat, but well worth listening to. Called Nature’s Numbers, the transcript and audio is also available online.


Our economy may fall over, but it's not just about the financial meltdown. Nature is seizing up, and it's costing big bucks. Putting a dollar value on nature might help, but how much is a bacterium in a lake really worth? (This program was originally broadcast on 19th October 2008.)

It is all about the value of ecosystem services and threats to biodiversity, water and greenhouse. It has some interesting comments on the Native Vegetation Management Framework, offsets, planning and development.