The Bullroarer - Sunday 23rd November 2008

The Age - Traffic surge to swamp city's busiest road

MELBOURNE'S busiest stretch of road during the morning peak will have to carry 50 per cent more traffic within the next three years, according to VicRoads documents. The authority predicts that by 2011, around 24,000 vehicles will travel east along the West Gate Freeway between the Bolte Bridge and Montague Street from 7am to 9am each weekday morning - far more than the current 15,600.

The prediction has renewed calls for a second cross-city connection, with critics saying VicRoads' current $1.4 billion freeway upgrade will be in vain.

The Australian - Nexus terminates floating storage ship contract

NEXUS Energy has terminated an agreement for the supply of a floating production and storage ship for its Crux liquids project. ... The company said it would negotiate an alternative offer from a “market-leading” provider and may test the wider market, given current market conditions.

The Crux project is a joint venture between Nexus and Osaka Gas and contains about 75.2 million barrels of condensate, or light oil reserves. Nexus said an alternative contract would “increase confidence that delivery of first liquids from the Crux liquids project will be achieved by mid 2011”. The company has previously flagged a final investment decision for the undeveloped project by the end of the calendar year. Crux is expected to produce more than 34,000 barrels of condensate per day.

The Age - Airport soars above the gloom with a record month

MELBOURNE Airport has posted its busiest month on record in a result defying recent speculation that the market is on a downward spiral. Despite fears that the economic meltdown will see demand for air travel dry up - and which has led to airlines nationwide slashing prices - 2.19 million people travelled through the airport in October. This is up 6.8 per cent on October 2007 and beats the previous record of 2.17 million set in March.

The Australian - AED wants to enhance Browse Basin

AED Oil executives say the company is seeking acquisitions to complement its Puffin oilfield in the Browse Basin off Western Australia.

ABC - Scheme aims to boosts solar hot water system numbers

A new scheme has been launched aimed at boosting the low take-up rate among households for solar hot water systems.

Larvatus Prodeo - Emissions tech tidbits

Another CCS project is getting underway in Australia, this time in Queensland. This time, the project involves retrofitting the Callide A power station with oxyfuel technology. This is the same technology used in the pilot plant in Germany mentioned in an earlier story. At the time, I thought that oxyfuel was most likely only to be used for new power plants, not retrofitting existing ones. However, just because an existing power station is used for a pilot project doesn’t necessarily mean it’s going to be economic to retrofit commercial-scale ones (if indeed CCS using this technology is economic at all).

The Australian - Namibia uranium deal nuked on concerns about Rio

EXTRACT Resources' merger with AIM-listed Kalahari Minerals has collapsed over concerns it would hand control to mining giant Rio Tinto.

Otago Daily Times - Kaitangata targeted in coal-seam gas hunt

The resource-rich Kaitangata area is being targeted by a company which wants to test for coal-seam gas in wells it already owns near the township. - NZ now a joke in Europe, says carbon trader

A leading New Zealand carbon trader says international markets can no longer take New Zealand seriously, carbon trading has come to a standstill and experts are warning business not to think carbon pricing has gone away.

Specialist news service Carbon News ( this morning reports broker Nigel Brunel, of OMF Financial, as saying New Zealand is “a bit of a joke in Europe at the moment” following the National-Act agreement to suspend the emissions trading scheme.

SMH - BP shuts Sydney solar plant

In a major blow for the state's solar industry, BP will close its Sydney solar panel factory at the end of March, leading to a loss of 200 jobs. The British energy group will shift its manufacturing operations offshore to lower costs.

SMH - How good soil cuts water use

THE grass may be yellow and the earth parched on many Sydney parks and sports fields but a study has found ovals could be soft and green with 60 per cent less water than they currently use. The quality of the soil, not the amount of water, is the deciding factor in keeping parks green, research funded by the City of Sydney and the State Government's climate change fund has found.

SMH - Batten down: researchers tip 30-year storm phase

THE devastation from last week's brutal storms in south-east Queensland has left the region shell-shocked, but new research indicates this type of weather could be the norm for the next 30 years. A study by coastal planning researcher Peter Helman says the east coast of Australia has entered a new weather phase during which regular rain, wind and damaging storms will follow recent years of drought.

The Age - Indonesia 'crucial' in weathering climate storm

AUSTRALIA has been urged to set up a climate change commission with Indonesia amid warnings global warming could have a devastating effect on hundreds of millions of people in the Asia-Pacific region. International experts meeting in Melbourne this weekend are considering how to deal with alarming scenarios created by climate change - not only on the environment and people's lives but on national and international security. The experts warn that the potential social stresses resulting from climate change - including rising poverty and the displacement of millions of people - could lead to massive pressures on governments, internal conflict and political instability.

frogblog - FAQ on Climate Models

I promised in a comment yesterday that I would post this today. It’s an FAQ put together by RealClimate, a blog definitely worth giving a regular perusal.

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Peak Energy - Perth Mint Suspends Gold Sales

NZ made the right decision to pull out of the ETS. Better to do as the Greens have suggested and go for a Carbon Tax and keep the money in the country rather than enriching Wall Street traders.

SMH - BP shuts Sydney solar plant

In a major blow for the state's solar industry, BP will close its Sydney solar panel factory at the end of March, leading to a loss of 200 jobs. The British energy group will shift its manufacturing operations offshore to lower costs.

Surely with a 40% cut, there aren't that many currencies cheaper than the Australian Pesata?