The Permanent Oil Crisis Conference in Amsterdam, January 21 & 22, 2009

Worldwide concern is growing over high oil prices, the security of supply of fossil fuels and its impact on many sectors of our society. Such concerns voiced at the oildrum over the past years are becoming part of the mainstream energy discussion. On 21 & 22 January 2009 a major business conference will be held in the Netherlands in which I am involved as an advisor in my role as President of ASPO Netherlands.

I invite you to come and listen to top executives and leaders from many industrial sectors who will explore the effects of high oil prices in their field of expertise or industry. Day 1 is dealing with political and macro economic aspects of changing oil supplies. Day 2 is teaching more about specific economic sectors, like Transport & Infrastructure, Food & Agriculture, Energy Systems and Chemicals & Materials.

There will be many speakers including Maria van der Hoeven (Dutch Minister of Economic Affairs), Matthew Simmons (invited), Peter de Wit (President Shell Netherlands), Kjell Aleklett (ASPO International), Jeremy Tomkinson (CEO The National Non-Food Crops Centre), Jörg Schindler (ASPO Germany) and Ger Bemer (CEO Royal Nedalco). For Conference Agenda and Registration, go to the the Permanent Oil Crisis website.

Under the fold, find the highlights from the program. Come to Amsterdam!

Plenary sessions on Wednesday, 21 January on political and macro economic aspects of changing oil supplies.

Presentations will include "Sustainable Energy for the Automotive Sector", "The oil export end game", "A geo-political perspective on the future of oil", "Oil market developments to 2030", "Limits to growth for tradition transportation fuels: can we find a timely substitute?", "Post oil energy supply: an investment opportunity", "Relationship between fossil fuel depletion and climate policy", "World food security and bioenergy policy".

Parallel sessions on Thursday, 22 January on Transport and Infrastructure, Chemicals and Materials, Food and Agriculture, Energy Systems, Coal and CCS, and Energy Investments

Presentations will include "Impact of energy costs and availability on the supply chain of food production and distribution", "Is electrification together with it's sources a replacement for oil and gas", "White biotechnology: replacing black gold?", "When plastics go green: technologies, markets & policies", "How to realize a clean and secure energy system", "Underground coal gasification, an expansion of the coal era?", "The impacts of higher energy prices on global food and agriculture", "More food, feed fiber and energy - can the world make it?", "Energy investment switch for a post oil world".

For details and registration see the conference website at

I hope that this conference will be a great success and that the highlights of these energy/agriculture speakers will find the way to TOD & TOD:EUR keyposts.

My usual reminder: I hope all attendees will give the Peakoil Shoutout when their favorite yeasty beverage glass reaches the half-empty level. I am constantly trying to encourage this so that it becomes a new cultural tradition.

Bob Shaw in Phx,Az Are Humans Smarter than Yeast?

I can use the Euro 1195.- better. To ELP for example.

I would love to hear Simmons and Aleklett. OTOH I donot expect anything usefull coming from the mouth of van den Hoeven. I can only hope she gets slapped in the face with the facts.

Rembrandt, I do hope you encourage the attendents to come by public transport, and hope the diner consists of local produce.