The Bullroarer - Monday 6th October 2008

ABC: Greens transport plan for new train, tram lines

The Victorian Greens have released a transport plan they say will rectify Melbourne's public transport problems. The $14-billion plan proposes 33 new or extended train and tram lines across the city, but does not propose any new road projects.

Michael Lardelli: Peak oil and retirement

Stockmarkets are plunging worldwide and retired people everywhere are watching with great discomfort as the value of their investments decline. Declining retirement incomes and inflating food and fuel prices are placing great stress on the elderly. The current dramatic volatility in the oil price is symptomatic of the tight supply (amplified by speculation and the current financial chaos) and is what one expects as the world peak of oil production is approached.

The Age: New wave of power in renewable energy market

Energy experts say waves could rival wind and solar as power sources. AUSTRALIA - and particularly the southern coastline - has a potentially inexhaustible source of renewable energy lapping at its shores: waves.

Proponents of wave power - which uses off-shore buoys and pumps to run electricity generators - claim the technology could generate at least 35% of the nation's power needs.

ABC: Company pushes solar thermal power for desal plants

A company planning the construction of a solar thermal power plant at Whyalla in South Australia says its form of energy should be used to power desalination plants such as the one proposed by BHP Billiton.

Adelaide Now: Fuel-miser posties go electric

POSTIE motorbikes have become the latest victim of sky-high petrol prices.

Australia Post has begun a trial of electric bicycles and tricycles in a plan to combat soaring fuel prices and be more environmentally friendly.

The initiative will first be tested in Adelaide, but Australia Post plans to roll out the trial to Queensland, NSW and Victoria. It hopes the electric bikes will help boost recruitment of posties by attracting people without a motorcycle licence.

The Age: Tollway alternative part of new roads plan

A NEW tollway would traverse either semi-rural Warrandyte, or run through the heart of Heidelberg, under controversial plans being devised for the State Government's transport strategy.

The Department of Premier and Cabinet is working with VicRoads on the project, which would see a new tollway connect the Metropolitan Ring Road — which finishes in Greensborough — to either the Eastern Freeway or EastLink.

Secrecy surrounds the Government's transport statement, due out in November.

SMH: China pleads with Europe to reject 'harmful' bid

A TOP adviser to the Chinese Government has warned that a $132 billion hostile takeover of Rio Tinto by BHP Billiton would be harmful to China and unfair to the global economy.

Xiaoye Wang, a senior adviser to the State Council and National People's Congress, has urged European regulators to reject the proposed takeover, saying any merger will have an impact on all Asian economies, which rely heavily on iron ore imports for steel production. Holden to subsidise fuel costs

Holden New Zealand is offering relief at the fuel pumps with an initiative that will provide a one dollar per litre fuel subsidy for new Holden customers.

Private customers who purchase any new Holden before 31 December 2008 will enjoy a one dollar per litre fuel subsidy on petrol or diesel for up to 28,000 kilometres, or two years whichever comes first.

Scoop NZ: Time for Green thinking on the economy

It is time for Government to set its sights on a Green economy to ensure there will be jobs for New Zealanders, that food will be affordable and it won't be out of people's reach to get around, the Green Party says.

"With the PREFU itself predicting that the price of petrol at the pump will rise, now is not the time for Government to be embarking on a reckless spending spree of new motorway projects that there will be no need for. Now is the time for Green-thinking, for spending the money that is planned for motorways on large scale investment in more public transport like buses and trains, so that people can get around when petrol becomes even more expensive.

Otago Daily Times: Feedback sought over parking

It's one of the most talked about issues in Queenstown and now residents, retailers, business people and ratepayers are being asked to have their say on the Queenstown Parking Consultation.

QLDC transportation planning manager Denis Mander said people needed to change the way they thought about vehicle use. "When we use our car to travel into town to work or shop or play, we each add to the increasing traffic congestion and the environmental effects of car use," Mr Mander said.