Nate Hagens on "The Reality Report" with Jason Bradford at 12:10-1:00pm EDT on Energy, Weather, and Sasquatch Hunting

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can't get program to work; firefox or explorer.

One possibility is that the station can only handle so much traffic.

Hi Jason, is your show with Nate going to be posted on Global Public Media?

Yes. They usually post within the week.

Just wondering, from hearing about all the sheet metal roofing in the streets, if one installs solar panels in that area, wouldn't this expensive investment be vulnerable to being torn off or damaged every hurricane season?

Reality Report rocks, thanks Jason and Nate. Links to these shows are probably
my most forwarded links to friends and family.

"a great amount of analytical ability serving no social function" -Nate Hagens.

How do we change that? Can it be changed by humans, or will nature change it for us?
I really don't know. It's like the collary of Kunstler's "greatest misallocation of resources
in the history of the world" meme. The misallocation of human brain capital. The misallocation
of human creativity and motivations, and of visions and dreams.

It's almost as if this crisis is forcing us to evolve. Maybe it will be seemingly small, like
some tiny shift in neuronal connections that links self-interest to social-interest, or associates
them more closely. (or activating or re-activating dormant, pre-existing parts of our mind)

I really don't know what's going to happen, but it seems clear that something has to give.
If we want to do more than just survive (at the most mean level) then i'm guessing that something
is going to have to be us humans. Maybe it really is just as simple as One Step at a Time. I just
fear we're running out of Time. (and that itself might make us do stupid things)


Building standards have changed a lot and my suspicion is that old and/or poorly constructed roofs are the ones that go in a class 1-2 hurricane. I put in a roof with a lot of "hurricane clips" a couple of years ago.

New solar panels better be bolted to a good roof!

Glad to know folks are listening and appreciative.

Protecting your PV is a good point. I keep chewing on designs that have a sheet of properly sized Ply that can swing out and around to quickly cover a panel when there are storms coming. You could be just as crushed by the flying debris smashing into panels, too. Up here in New England, I'm more concerned with Hailstones and Ice-damage than Hurricanes, but these items ARE precious, and maybe like the Glazing in Medieval Castles, they should be able to just get unplugged and stashed away when there's danger about.. set them up in hinged pairs, so they get folded into a protective form for moving about.

.. you could even keep a simple davit on the roof for hoisting them, since they ARE essentially part of a lifeboat plan, right?