Visualizing Global Oil Markets: 1965-2007

Paul Kedrosky has been Visualizing Global Oil Markets: 1965-2007 today. This looks to be a cool little tool (HINT: after putting the bottom pull down on "barrels", press play and watch the little blue ball get big...and yes, you can learn how to do this, click the bottom right corner for instructions).

I've been messing with the latest data from BP's 2008 Statistical Review of Energy Markets. Here is an animated look (via Google chart widgets) at oil consumption and growth therein across U.S., Asia and Europe from 1965 until today. For some reason it's not remembering to resize the bubbles based on market size (put size on "barrels" in the pull down), but works properly in the spreadsheet. For now you can pick the dimension via which you'd like to size the respective markets from the drop-down on the chart.

Paul Kedrosky interviewed Jim Rogers on February 12,2008 where Rogers speculated that some, not Rogers, made money on knowledge of when the 1980 Iraq/Iran would start.

I got a nice email this morning:

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Hello billp37,

We at Iran Defence Forum would like to wish you a happy birthday today!

Let's all hope for peaceful settlement of these unfortunate matters.

I'm 71 today. 45 days younger than Saddam Hussein.

And hope to fly fish the Beaverhead with guide tomorrow.

Happy birthday man - I can just about remember 71 - thats 1971.

Fly fishing for wild trout is what Man were created to do.

Tight lines as we say in the UK or shit fishing as they say in Norway.

If you catch a big trout - put it back and tell no one.

24 inches.

i did the first part.


You can explain the changes from 2006 to 2007 by just looking at the top 20 countries (by volatility).
Drivers should hope that the green countries stay green in 2008. Saudi Arabia seems to hold the cards right now.
Top 20 most volatile producers