Peak Oil on Dutch Television

Last Friday our blogger Rembrandt was interviewed about Peak Oil on the Dutch Television show NOVA. About the rising price of crude in light of his upcoming book 'The Permanent Oil Crisis', the first Peak Oil book to be published in Dutch in the beginning of June.

With thanks to Freek Blauwhof for adding subtitles.

NOVA is one of the biggest television programs in the Netherlands. This particular episode has been viewed by 621.000 people, or 3.8% of the Dutch population.

well paced interview. measured.


You in Europe do not understand how fortunate you are to have media that confront problems honestly and directly. I live in the US, where the corporate media are actively working to keep their audiences in the dark.

how fortunate??
I live in Italy - Europe! -, I'm a peak oil activist but, believe me, italian media don't want to face the peak oil problem and its concequeces.
we must thank people like Freek Blauwhol who, with his translation, let us understand what other people say on The Ploblem. That's our fortune. Most of informations comes from U.S.
from internet - thanks God there is enough energy to keep me connected with it.

Let me then modify leeborden's comment....You in the Netherlands do not know how lucky you are to have such a program which could never occur here in the clueless US.The corporate and government interests have every incentive to keep the masses ignorant as long as they can by using fraudulent statistics and out and out lies to maintain their power and wealth at the end of empire.I hope that responsible European governments will try to exert their influence on the new scoundrels taking office in the fall but I have only a faint hope that will happen. The american model of mobility, sprawl and profligate energy use will likely continue until like the coyote cartoon character Wily Coyote, we run off the cliff with our legs whirring until we suddenly look down and see we are soon to be in free fall. Only at that point will we shift as all americans have always done from complacency to panic.