We're Searching for TOD:Local Contributors...

We would like to find two or three contributors for TOD:Local.

What do we want? TOD:Local should be kind of laboratory/testing ground/etc., for others to learn about ideas and solutions and failures, whether they be policy, political, or technical. It should also be a place where local and state policymakers can come together to talk about these things.

Some ideas:

1. Best Practices - Demonstrating how local communities are adapting or can adapt to peak oil by becoming more sustainable.
2. Cultural essays - with or without a local bent, but something about challenging misconceptions or misguided behavior given the implications of PO
3. Policy Process and Alternatives - What are we doing at a local/state level, and how are we doing it?

Email me at the eds box if you are interested...

I'm thinking of doing an article about commuting to work by walking. I hope to have it done in a couple of weeks or so, if I can find the time, after which I'll send it to you. I might be able to work up a few more articles eventually - getting the time to work on them is the main problem, & why I cannot commit to anything on a regular basis.

I am interested in helping. Creating a site to look at best practices would be very helpful.

As an example, here is an article written on re-tooling transportation.

Bill James

I'd like to see an open thread here that invites comments about walking, bicycling, scooters, public transit and other forms of alternative transportation. These are all very interesting topics. An open discussion of them might eventually inspire some good main articles on TOD:Local.