Alan Kohler sums it all up

Alan Kohler presented the key oil Discovery/Production graph on the ABC news. He also covers the BG bid for Origin Energy and US house price declines: Peak Oil and its impacts in thirty seconds, but he didn't call it that.

(video clip below the fold)

Ahh Alan Kohler my favourite business reporter of all time (although Ali Moore is hot). His regular graphs are the light of the ABC news broadcast and his cheeky little grin always gives me a chuckle. Unfortunately when he was delivering this graph I didn't notice the grin, I'm wondering whether he has had his 'Peak Oil awareness' moment?

Alan Kohler is awesome. I've always enjoyed his reports and love his usual daily pun. I find myself smiling or laughing at even the grimmest of graphs he presents.

Needless to say, great job Alan, keep up the good work. *salute*

Kohler is not so squeeky clean. Media Watch recently featured his business dealings and lack of disclosure. Details at this link,

It is so strange that mainstream media commentators are scared of uttering the phrase "peak oil". I'm not sure if it because management has dictated this policy, or they are scared of criticism by their peers or they personally don't want to alam viewers/listerners or that they don't believe it.

Nicely glossed over Alan. Of course the kicker was "Unless more is found, the price is not going to come down". Really? Couldn't quite bring himself to make the next connection which is the price is more likely to keep going up.

I think his approach is correct.
Leave people to join the dots by themselves and they will pat themselves on the back for being so clever and a convert is born.
Force it down their throats and ...

I've always liked Alan - he's probably the best of the business talking heads (Michael Pascoe isn't bad either, even if he has a bee in his bonnet about peak oilers).

Phil - where did you get the still image from ?

This is about the third time Kohler used his ABC-TV News spot to present the discovery vs production graph that all peak oil aware people are familiar with. I'd say Kohler is certainly aware there's a problem, whether he's in the "invisible hand will solve everything" camp, or considers it a more serious problem, I don't know.

Pascoe OTOH thinks anyone who takes peak oil seriously is a nutter.