The Bullroarer - Monday 19th November 2007

Trains, planes and (mostly) automobiles

The Coalition and Labor are looking a little schizophrenic on transport spending - especially in light of both major parties' rhetoric on the importance of reducing Australia's greenhouse emissions.

Farmers urged to become energy generators

FARMERS would become renewable energy generators to help them stay on the land under a policy announced by the Australian Greens today.

Greens South Australian Senate candidate Sarah Hanson-Young said the party wanted regional communities to profit from becoming a key part of the solution to global warming.

Aussie stocks seen rising; oil firms may gain

SYDNEY, Nov 19 (Reuters) - Australian shares may rise on Monday, taking their lead from gains on Wall Street, with energy firms such as Woodside Petroleum Ltd seen advancing on stronger oil prices.

Costs grow but Gorgon gas project still cooking

CHEVRON says it remains committed to the $20 billion Gorgon liquefied natural gas development offshore from Western Australia, despite industry scepticism that cost blow-outs have made it a marginal project.

Greymouth Petroleum wins rights to Chile oil exploration

Greymouth Petroleum has been awarded rights to explore, exploit and produce petroleum in four permits covering an area of 9000 sq km in, and adjacent to, the Straits of Magellan in Chile.

New Zealand-owned and operated Greymouth Petroleum was among several successful bidders including Total S.A.of France, Apache of the US, and Pan American Energy (an operating unit of BP).

World won't end tomorrow, says Howard

Font Size: Decrease Increase Print Page: Print November 18, 2007
CLIMATE change is a serious challenge, but the world will not end tomorrow because of it, Prime Minister John Howard says.

Greens issue plan to halt warming

The Australian Greens have launched a six-step plan to combat climate change following the latest dire warning from the United Nation's Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC).

Greens leader Bob Brown, announcing the six-step plan, warned both the Liberals and Labor it would soon be too late to act on climate change.

Global warming shrinking NZ glaciers

New Zealand's glaciers are shrinking and 12 of the largest in the Southern Alps are unlikely to return to their earlier lengths without extraordinary cooling of the climate.

The link to the 2nd item on the SA Greens has faded. I looked for energy farming among the releases in
Reason being I thought they were going to give mallee farming a run, which I believe is dodgy w.r.t. energy claims.

I agree with the Greens objectives (eg new coal
mines are criminal) just not the practicalities.

thanks Boof

there was a problem with the cut and paste i did - the links all work now.