Savinar on C2C and a new ANZ Bullroarer...and some really cool site news.

Matt Savinar's on Coast to Coast tonight--likely starting in the second hour. No idea for how long. or listen to your local affiliate.

Big Gav has a new Bullroarer up at ANZ. Stoneleigh has a new E&E RoundUp at TOD:C.

And under the fold, an event worth celebrating...

October was a record setting month for The Oil Drum. We surpassed 500k unique visits in a month and 1.2 million unique page views for the first time ever.

There is little doubt that $95/bbl assisted in that "pop," and if we see an economic slowdown that destroys demand or KSA turns on that tap we don't think they have, our traffic probably won't stay at those levels. However, we thank you for your support and hope that you understand what we are trying to do here. We couldn't do it without you.

The sites that link to us and send us traffic (Energy Bulletin,, Jim Kunstler, Matt Savinar, ASPO-USA (where we met a lot of you), and yes, even my favorite band in the whole world), and all of the others that I don't have time to type help us a lot. Thank you all so much. We hope we send you as much love as you send us.

Most importantly, the people in this community, the norms that we defend here, and my colleagues that I work with--not just at the mothership, but on all of the other sites--are so smart and amazing.

I learn something every day here. Thank you all. We're doing what we can--and we'll keep doing so for as long as we can. Thanks again for your support.

Coast 2 Coast is really easy to pick up in the US too, it's on a good number of AM stations late at night, they often loop it and play the stuff again in the wee hours if you're a real night owl and miss the pre-midnight part

You'll be able to get stations on AM from far away at night too, don't be afraid to dial around.

Yes, you can go to the Coast 2 Coast website to find a local radio affiliate:

Where to Listen

I'll be listenin' 2nite.

Congrats TOD on the new record! This site has been invaluable to me. :o)


graywulffe in CVO, OR

I've never heard coast-2-coast, so using graywulffe's link above I looked up our local radio station, KTSM here in El Paso, Texas. Coast-2-coast won't be on until 11 pm tonight (it's currently 9 am here), but I turned on the radio and what I'm hearing right now is a right-wing nut, a female Rush Limbaugh clone. As I sit here typing, she's saying that waterboarding isn't torture, and only soft-in-the-head hippies complain about it. I'd love to see it tried out on her - I think she'd have a change of heart.

Yeah, I rarely listen to the radio. If I do, it's usually NPR, mainly due to the minimal advertising more than anything, plus the occasional good story. Made the exception about listening to C2C for Matt Savinar. I like your suggestion for the Limbaugh clone.

BTW, Matt, if you're reading, I really enjoyed your thorough trashing of the abiotic oil idea last night. That was well done.


graywulffe in CVO, OR

I agree I could listen to NPR all day/night while the AM stuff is definately pick and choose.

I wish the coast to coast folks would shut up about the Chupacrabra, Bigfoot, etc. Sheesh!

Unfortunately, I kind of dozed off before hearing much from Matt. He sounded good though, go, Matt!

I just read some of the posts over at his forum. This is going to be an absolute doomer-fest. I wonder if there will be some sort of H.G. Wells type reaction after the interview.

I'm a little frightened to tune in to tell you the truth.

I check out c2c every now and then, unfortunately they are usually talking about ghost stories or aliens. There is a weekend host I have really enjoyed from time to time though.

I kind of hope he doesn't talk about the new secret Gov't program discussed here:,8497.0.html

But the c2c crowd seems to really like this sort of stuff.

Thanks for the heads up.

Recipient of AA, Alberta Advantage

Actually, I plan on talking about the secret mil-gov program as soon as I can once the show starts.

If you don't like it you can kiss my big bad doomer ass.


Give them the good news. The Senate Energy Bill specifies that the government should come up with a plan to reduce US oil consumption by 10 mbpd by 2031.

Our middle case is that net exports from the top five net exporters will be at zero in 2031.

We have a plan in place!

Hi Westexas, are you going to put it up at TOD shortly? Dying to have a peek, Nick.

I've already rewritten the thing about three times, because of almost daily Peak Oil bombshells dropping around us, but I am thinking of waiting to see if we cross the $100 mark in the next few days, and then post the article online. However, Khebab's excellent work, that I presented at ASPO-USA, is up on the ASPO-USA website.

Our middle case is that in 10 years it would take the combined net exports from Saudi Arabia, Russia, Norway, Iran and the UAE just to meet current US total petroleum imports.

That system is less accurate than weather forecasting, and given that it's going to be used as a management tool, the outcomes will not be what they expect, and will be far worse than we expect.

I wonder if Savinar is on WDMR.

Well, judging by his comment upthread we can safely say he's not on PRZC.

I was going to guess PCP

More likely DMT :-)

That only last an hour or so....

The link to Matt Savinar's website (in among the other links) is broken.

I've read about the Oil Platforms in Mexico that stopped from the weather, and there was an accident. Though I may have missed it, there is something else going on at this location also.

The area is called Tabasco. There has been tremendous flooding. I read that its worse than New Orleans and similar in that the water will need to be pumped out. Whole town under water, from river flooding, and this may be where the oil workers lived, and other industry that supports the platforms.

Appears to be very under reported in the US.

pictures too

I googled Tabasco and oil and the stories on the oil rigs came up.

Might help explain all the conflicting data, in one form or another.

Tabasco recently had a gas pipeline explosion. Yes, it says explosion, not bombing. This seems ... funny to me, given that they've had six bombings in the last three months. One would hope its an innocent accident, but I immediately thought "cover up" when I heard this.

Didn't see the gas pipeline explosion, the story I saw was the recent oil platform accident that hurt people and I think killed one or more.

Today though MSNBC website does have a small link about this story. Picked up the flood, but its late, and the rain I heard was supposed to last thru Monday according to a poster that was writing about it at a forum.

If you turned off after Matt on C2C then you missed George snoory whoops I mean Noory's "guest".

Non other that Dr. Jerome Corsi to spill out the no problem its a chewy nugget nugget of oil in the center of the earth.

Noory ate up every word and did not challenge one thing I heard. He let Corsi say, that peak oil was a theory with no basis, and pointed to Thomas G's old theory, and did not even not mention there is ZERO evidence of that theory. Not one well, not one pool of oil to be found, it was a horrible follow up to Matt and to let Corsi be unchallenged was a set back for those listening to get a clue.

I fell asleep and missed Matt. Woke up to here about the last thirty of Corsi. I was so pissed I couldn't go back to sleep, and Noory didn't have many callers for Corsi from my time on, so no challenge.

"peak oil has never been right in its theory,.... Hubbard made it up on a back of a napkin...." J Corsi C2C,

Yeah, I was disappointed at the abiotic-oil follow-up to Savinar. At least Savinar got more time, and he did a great job hammering abiotic oil. I think Matt probably should have been a little more clear on Peak Oil being a production (or rate) issue. That it was about peak flow rates. Lots of details were discussed, but I think some people may not have gotten a clear idea about this from the conversation. I think reserves, depletion, flow, etc. were a little bit muddled.

Oh, and the whole discussion was certainly a doom-fest. When the topic of possible nuclear war was brought up, there were some very long pauses between statements... And shocked statements... Very interesting to listen to.

The advertisements between segments, about new houses, condominiums, resorts, etc., made for a fascinating and disconcerting juxtaposition to the subject being discussed. And probably points to why discussion of abiotic oil closely followed on the heels of a bleak look at Peak Oil (a la "Recency" as per Nate Hagens).


graywulffe in CVO, OR

I think Matt probably should have been a little more clear on Peak Oil being a production (or rate) issue.

Right. That is the ONLY message we should hammer.

If your house was burning down, does it make you feel better knowing you have a tank of water with 100,000 gal. in it, if your hose only pumps a gallon an hour?

Your house will burn down.

Reserves mean nothing,
How much can you pump per hour?

not anymore. :)

Holy Shit! Did you guys see this...

PO the video game?

Great, now we have a new PO video game 'Poster Child'...

I hope they put a timeline in the booklet as to how it might unfold so we can tick the boxes as the years go by. There's far more death and destruction in this game than any 'Chainsaw Massacre at Columbine' type shooter but it will probably sail through unoticed as a PG and its far more likely to actually occur...


Wow! It's the exact opposite of a subliminal ad for peak oil war.

I listened to C2C tonight. I expected a lawyer to be more eloquent. Forget all the end depth analysis and myrid charts. I think we can agree that "PEAK OIL" is going to happen. We can probably agree that the World economy,especially the U.S.ofA, is based on constant growth and expansion, based on plentiful and cheap oil.
When "PEAK" happens isn't all that important now. Inaction by Governments world wide;denial by major oil, and the incompetence of the news media, it is to late for a "soft" landing.2009,2011,2020-30 or 2040, it doesn't matter. Time is not avalible to rebuild world infrastructure in the time remaining.
Whith a few exceptions, anyone born since 1950, have grown up in a fantasy world. few have ever had to face a life or death situation. They are illequiped to handle whats going to be happening. Odds are they will panic, in which case, nobody knows where things will end. I do think that ETSHTF, home canning equipment and a library of old skills will be as valuable as a BBL of oil. Good Luck

"Odds are they will panic, in which case, nobody knows where things will end"

How about a "bloodbath"?

I expected your post to be more eloquent PARD42. Soft on yourself, hard on other people. Let's hope that makes you "well equipped" for "what's going to be happening".


Point made!
Guess Ize can blame it on my redneck edgeication!

Here's what I wrote about the show in a forum at Matt's site:

I work days. If I'm not on this computer, I am working. So I sleep nights. Last night I woke up, looked at my watch and realized you were on air. By the time I found the local station carrying the show, I had missed the first half hour, but I caught the rest.

Don't let this swell your head, but you did good. And while you ain't my leader, in this field you are a leader and an excellent teacher. You know your facts, think quick on you feet and communicate in an intelligent but easy to understand way. Very compelling. I was particularly impressed at how you handled callers and their save-the-day scenarios delivered on the edge of panic as reality began to seep through the cracks of their defenses.

Realities like our level of supply being cut in half within seven years are impossible to get around. No need for background music, fangs dripping blood, the howl of vampires or Stephen King--we are headed into a real horror scenario.

Even I, a man that has heard all of this before and even wrote a book with this as the theme, had hell assimilating what you said and resting afterword. Just one more affirmation that this is no fucking dream or fantasy sceario, but the real deal with pain, suffering, blood and tears on a scale no one alive in the United States has seen before.

I suspect, whether you want it or not, you will eventually be heard by someone in mainstream media and become a major player in the debate. The option of slipping back into abscurity will not be an option at that point.

By the way:

Screw you for keeping me up so late. I feel like shit and have to go to work now.

I did inhale.

I tuned in to C2C about 10:30 PDT, caught a bit of Matt, but just couldn't stay up for it all. Could someone give us a report - perhaps The Chimp himself?

Missed it. anyone know where to find a podcast of it?

Savinar on C2C. I couldn't record the Corsi half of the show. Peak science, I guess...

I also notice C2C in archive form is easy to find as torrent files.

Thank you. It's screaming down at 400kbps right now.

Recipient of AA, Alberta Advantage

I mis-spoke yesterday when I stated that Germany was generating 14% of their electricity from solar. I talked with Nina in Herman Scheer's office. He is the leader of the German Lifeboat Policy.

Here are the details she provided:
3% of electricity in Germany has been provided by solar PV in 2006.
- they are ahead of schedule to reach
- 300,000 installations
That is 2 billion kWh whereas it was only 64 Mio. kWh in 2000.
It gave a huge boost to the RE deployment in Germany.

They are creating the market:

Captured 8.5 billion Euro Economic Value from Exports

Create 250,000 jobs that are independent of oil

Yes, Germany has been the 800-lb gorilla of the global solar market for several years running now. But it appears that this might be coming to an end. From a BofA research report that came out today (sorry, source was a PDF so no URL):

þ According to a report in the Frankfurter Rundschau, Germany plans to accelerate the reduction in solar incentives to -8%/year after 2008 from -5%/year currently. Germany is the largest solar market in the world, accounting for ~50% of installed capacity. Through 2Q07, Germany accounted for 54% of Suntech's MW shipments (STP, $56.72, Neutral, Target Price: $40) and 11% of SunPower's total revenue (SPWR, $125.16, Neutral, Target Price: $105).

þ The implications of the report are unclear at this point given the limited information. Currently, Germany's solar subsidies for rooftop systems decline 5%/year and ground-mounted systems fall at a rate of 6.5%/year. However, prior to the report published this morning, a proposal was already on the table to reduced the subsides for rooftops by -7%/year after 2008 (and -8%/year after 2010) and the subsidies for ground-mounted systems by - 8.5% year after 2008 (and -9.5%/year after 2010). Given the limited information in the report in the Frankfurter Rundschau, more detail is required to determine the extent to which the initial proposal has been revised (if at all).

þ Regardless, we expect the report to be viewed negatively. Solar stocks in Europe are down following the report in the Frankfurter Rundschau. We would expect the U.S.-listed solar stocks to trade down given the report, particularly after thee strong run of the group since the end of August. Fundamentally, we anticipate that the current strong incentives in Spain and Germany will maintain solid demand and prices through 1H08. Following 1H08, however, we forecast that decelerating demand in Spain and Germany, combined with higher supply of modules, will depress prices in 2H08 and 2009.

Energy consultant, writer, blogger

Have you got a links for those graphs ?

If my eyes were better I might be able to read the logo in the bottom corner - but I doubt it...

does one have to pay to hear it, or is it free anywhere? silly question? :S

Just wanted to throw out that actually, C2C was my introduction to peak oil.

I heard Kunstler in April or May 2005 and he blew my mind. Went right out and bought The Long Emergency, which I devoured, and found TOD shortly thereafter.

Hopefully, this show will wake up a few more sleepwalkers too.

Hi Professor and Matt,

Thanks for sharing "our" milestones - and for all you do, PG, Editors and Contributors.

Matt, I, too, made a point to catch as much as I could last night. Thanks for putting yourself out there.

I only caught roughly the second half of your hour, plus first half of the callers-with-questions hour.

It occurred to me you might not have been able to hear the things George said when he was "on break" - ?

Anyway, as far as I could tell (without having a transcript to go over) - every single time he took a break, George said something like "And next hour we'll have Jerome Corsi on abiotic oil." To me, it was very much in the tone of - "See, we're impartial, and anyway, don't worry - abiotic oil soon to follow."

I also (again would need transcript to find) - for my listening, the most clear statement you made about what "peak" means was followed by a complete and total lack of response on the part of George, who quickly moved to another topic.



Oh, and one more impression - again would be interesting if one had the time - to go over in detail...anyway...George kept using the word "they" - without any reference at all. My impression was sometimes Matt assumed a reference. Anyway, it was weird - (I found George's use of "they" a bit strange, in other words.)

As though you both agreed on who the "they" are (or were), even though, in context - (to the extent there was one, which I think was actually not the case) - I don't think it would have made sense, i.e., if one were to see it in writing.