Drumbeat Down Under - Sunday 21 October 2007

Here is the first Drumbeat of many (hopefully). Mostly links tonight but I'll start to include more of the most pertinent excerpts in future.

Stuff.co.nz - NZ Govt energy strategy to change landscape

SMH - Energy boost may come a cropper: Biofuels are not necessarily an easy fix to the energy crisis.

David Lamb from the CSIRO estimates Australia could produce three-quarters of its fuel needs domestically from food crops, "but we'd have to stop eating and tear up our exports". He predicts a future where land and water resources are increasingly contested between food, energy, fibre and conservation needs.

SMH - Rising grain prices put a dent in fuel revolution

ABC - Costa reveals Budget won't include Casino-Murwillumbah rail funds

ABC - Govt 'to blame' for overweight buses

SMH - Car makers drive visions of future

The Australian - Delays slash Woodside forecast

The Australian - Petsec upbeat despite hiccup

IHT - New Zealand's frigid 'Roaring 40s' location for new oil, gas search.

A significant find off New Zealand would hugely benefit the country's economy by bringing in royalties and investment dollars and — perhaps more importantly — replenishing the country's natural gas reserves, which could run out in 20 years at current use rates.

The potential is enormous. The government has said unproven estimates for the Great South Basin, which stretches 450 kilometers (280 miles) from the South Island's southern coastline toward the Antarctic coast, suggest it contains almost 10 billion barrels of oil equivalent, mostly in natural gas. That's nearly ten times the output from New Zealand's biggest gas and oil field, called Maui, over the last 25 years. ...

But commercial production from any fields could still be more than 20 years away, some experts say.

That's a potential problem for New Zealand, which is steadily exhausting its reserves of natural gas, used to produce 30 percent of the country's electricity.

Without new discoveries, New Zealand will likely run out of natural gas resources in 20 years. That would probably force New Zealand to import liquefied natural gas from abroad at higher prices and invest in receiving terminals and reconversion plants — or turn to some other form of energy such as coal or oil to fill the gap.

The country's known reserves stand at just 200 million barrels of oil and 2,200 billion cubic feet (62 billion cubic meters) of gas, some of the lowest in the Asia-Pacific region. Australia, for example, has more than 20 times the oil and more than 40 times the gas.

Stuff.co.nz - Genesis expands stake in Cardiff (Taranaki) gas field

The Australian - Keeping natural gas fires burning. If natural gas is the transition fuel to a low carbon energy industry then it will be an expensive one and it better be a quick transition.

The Australian - NSW planning processes under fire from gas users

The Australian - Cooper Energy turns to Tunisia

SMH - Venezuela says it has the good oil on Pacific aid

The Australian - Climate brews clean power billions

The Australian - Traders get into hot water as global warming continues

SMH - Sun-loving migrants heading our way.

CANE toads and dangerous marine stingers are among an army of animals migrating south to Sydney to enjoy rising temperatures brought on by climate change.

SMH - Air sickness

(Hat Tip to Dave B for a number of links).

Thanks for the post and for helping set up TOD:ANZ!

I was thinking of some other possible titles, hoard and batch came to mind.

great to see that TOD is in oz finally.
keep up the good work!!!

Ayyyy, ma-a-ate, good one ay? And you're off out of the blocks with a roundup? Bonza!

On what to call them (see comments on prev thread) i like the word Furphy but it does mean a fable or fabrication. How about 'The Drum'? Makes sense to me with 'whats the drum?' a once common term of general enquiry.
On how to group the stories, i think its an arcane and subtle field of endevour with room for many views - so please yourself .

I just have to repost CarbonSinks catch of ..Kohler on telly in front of the peak oil graph.

I like the furphy story (I never knew that was how the word originated) but like you I think the word now means fabrication or suchlike, which doesn't give the right impression.

We'll put it to a popular vote and then make a dictatorial decision on the name I think. "The Drum" is a good option too.

Nice screenshot - I bet Alan would love to see that one !