An updated schedule and some more resources for our House Energy Bill project....

If you don't know about our House Energy Project (HEP), check out this link first: (please keep all of the comments on this topic in that thread...thanks.)

Under the fold is an updated schedule and lots more resources for you all to use for the HEP.

This week

Wed., June 27

Energy and Commerce has to mark up and approve its energy bill

The Science Committee will mark up more energy-related bills: H.R. 1933 coal carbon capture and storage; H.R. 2773 biofuels; H.R. 2774 solar

Science has previously approved other bills as well that you can find in the website.

Wed., July 11

Anticipated news conference by Speaker Pelosi in which she will announce an outline summary of the Energy Independence bill.

Many House Committees will hold mark ups to approve those bills under consideration for inclusion in THE Energy bill that have been previously approved by OTHER committees and that have joint referral/jurisdiction.

After the July 11 mark-ups - all of the energy-related bills approved will be referred to the Rules Committee to be combined into THE Energy bill. A bill number of THE Energy bill and actual text won't be available until AFTER the Rules Committee meets and files a bill.

Here's some more places to look:

Ways and Means (tax provisions) approved bill is H.R. 2776

Natural Resources approved bill is H.R. 2337

The Science Committee has approved many bills, not all energy-related - listed here:

Most comments aren't directed at specific provisions so wouldn't be germane - so aren't helpful.

This will be an energy bill - climate change legislation will come later so...cap and trade and an energy tax on carbon or gasoline, for instance, aren't going to be in the Energy bill to amend.

Some resources to guide folks: -- Library of Congress - Members of the public should be able to download many of them in pdf format.

Categories of CRS reports under energy

Energy Sources and Reliability
Energy Prices and Supply
Energy Tax Policy
Alternative Energy and Conservation
Nuclear Energy

Most recent energy-related reports

Energy Savings Act of 2007 (S. 1321): Summary of Major Provisions [precursor to Senate bill; doesn't reflect passage of the omnibus energy policy bill S. 1419]

Fred Sissine, Brent D. Yacobucci, Peter Folger * June 1, 2007 * RL34005

Legislative Issue: Alternative Energy and Conservation

The Use of Profit by the Five Major Oil Companies

Robert Pirog * June 19, 2007 * RL34044

Surface Transportation Congestion: Policy and Issues

William J. Mallett * May 10, 2007 * RL33995

Other resources... -- link to write your rep - to figure out your Member of Congress - main house site - the search engine to look up specific bills and download summaries, full text, cosponsors, status and related information. Committee approved bills should have posted committee reports with text of the bills as amended and approved and a report describing the bills - unanimous if bipartisan and reported favorably - majority views and if opposed by the minority - dissenting views will be included in the committee reports.