Campaign for New York's Future

New York has a history of pulling together in moments when it is in crisis and upwellings up civic pride that push it to ever greater heights and overcome challenges. Just in the last Quarter of a Century, there was the great civic upswell in the 1970s when civic leaders pulled together to help put the city on the path to fiscal responsibility. Then in the 1980s and 1990s, there were great civic efforts fight crime, homelessness and the spread of AIDS. And then just in the last 6 years there was 9/11 and the 2003 Blackout, where NYC held up quite well in the face of a large scale disruptions and rebounded stronger than ever. The Campaign for New York's Future is the latest in a long line of great NYC civic upswells. Many of the 130 organizations have been advocating for the type of large scale government sustainability program that Bloomberg is rolling out. Others are inspired by his leadership on this issue while others protect the status quo fear change. Here is a short video about the Campaign.
Also, Check out this short video commercial now playing in NYC to support congestion pricing.