PlaNYC & Congestion Pricing Gaining Wide Support

Mayor Bloomber formally unveiled his proposed legislation that needs to be passed by the NY State legislature and signed by the Governor to take effect. It is rare that the stars align for many grand proposals of this magnitude, nor that they align so fast. In just 6 weeks since the Mayor announced his PlaNYC initiatives, he has gained the support of all the city's environmental groups as well as many civic and business organizations.

It also now seems that the Mayor has 2 of the 3 pieces he needs at the state level - State Sen. Majority Leader Joseph Bruno (R) and today, Governor Elliot Spitzer (D). The missing piece at this point in Assembly Leader Sheldon Silver. Silver has scheduled hearings for tomorrow at the NYC Bar Association HQ at 42 West 44th Street in midtown Manhattan. Stay tuned for the latest on how congestion pricing progresses. It is one of the more controversial pieces of the Mayor's plan, but it is also one of the most important and symbolic pieces. There is generally broad agreement on the other pieces about cleaning up water & land, creating more parks and green buildings.

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Before the hearing, there is a rally planned to advocate for sustainable transportation in the city:

What: Rally For Sustainable Transportation
When: June 8th at 8:15am
Where: NYC Bar Association at 42 West 44th Street

See you there!