Trying Not to Get My Hopes Up Too Much

Update: I went to the speech today and I'm pretty pumped. Bloomberg is pretty much staking the rest of his days as Mayor and his legacy on this initiative. Read all 127 proposals here

Get ready for some big announcements tomorrow from the PlaNYC 2030 folks. The mayor will be announcing over 100 specific proposals tomorrow on Earth day. And he will most likely call for some type of Congestion Pricing as a way to pay for increased mass transit options and service. The heart of his plan will probably revolve around increasing energy efficiency in buildings and building significantly more new housing.

But I'm really trying to not get my hopes up too much. There will be much political heavy lifting required to make this happen and I think we may have many of the right pieces in place. This is the Big Bang approach to sustainability and by bundling many of these proposals together, Bloomberg is taking a calculated risk that parts of his plan may not make it into reality.

Again, I'm trying to not get my hopes up too much! Stay tuned.

Can we say 'Vice President Bloomberg'?

It's hard to see a match with any of the leading candidates of either party (except something like a President Brownback) but Mike B could give a Republican candidate New York and possibly even Florida (assuming readable ballots without hanging chads ;-). I don't think it likely, the social conservative roots of the Republican Party would rebel.

On the Democratic side, it's difficult to see what he would add to a ticket v. a strong foreign policy VP like Wes Clark.

If he reminds me of anyone it is Wendel Wilkie, the utility executive nominated over Robert Taft in 1940, who took the principled stand and refused to fight Roosevelt on an anti-Draft, Isolationist stance. Wilkie lost the election, but he preserved the honour of his party and the American people

Maybe 'Governor Bloomberg'? Or maybe, like Richard Daley and Fiorello La Guardia, he will simply go down in history as one of America's visionary mayors?

Without a cost estimate, it's not a plan, it's a wish list. Might look good on Bloomberg's resume, though, even if it goes nowhere.