Faber : “You won’t see 12$ / barrel oil in your lifetime.”

Dr Marc Faber is a Swiss financier who predicted the Wall Street Crash in 1987. He is well know as the editor and publisher of the Gloom, Boom & Doom Report. Although not exactly an optimist Dr Faber is a widely respected financial analyst.

This video contains very interesting clues on how to prepare financially for Peak Oil.

Nice mention of peaking in there. So some people say drop stock like hot-cakes and now there's advice to invest in Asian markets. I think my brain's gonna boil imminently, this just gets more and more complex!

Mentions gold as a good investment because "cannot be manipulated by for example central banks" at 14:00 minutes. Hehe. Stagflation to be aware of.
Extreme weather conditions can occur so agricultural products can increase in value. And farmland price. As I am in climate science, this is a feeling one has, but no researcher has really proven that yet... I'd follow the precipitation and temperature grpahs from the IPCC report in chosing land (or stocks producing from a certain region).
Oil is talked about at 18:00.

He puts things in Histrorical perspective and uses common sense (mentions that on his webpage)for inveting. Quite an interesting fellow. Ofcourse not a lot people listen until its too late, because greed and hubris, over-optimism gets in the way. Are we more aware/smarter at TOD? He is a guy who you dont want to hear tell you "see I told you so"... keep that perspective of 20 years.

Quite similar advice is found in Stephen Leeb "the coming economic collapse" 2006. Cheers and good luck. Keep your own backyard tidy and prepared.