It's Time for More Green Options

Friend of TOD Jeff McIntire-Strasburg of sustainablog fame has started a new partnered venture this week that I wanted to bring to your attention called Green Options. Jeff continues to be one of the best greensphere writers, in my opinion, so this should definitely be worth checking out. Here some info about GO:

Green Options, a Berkeley-based renewable energy and green lifestyle company, has launched its web portal,, to the public. Visitors to the site will find a wealth of tips and information on how to incorporate environmentally-friendly choices into their lifestyle without major disruptions or costs. The new site features a blog written by nationally-recognized writers from the “Green Blogosphere,” a “Green Life Guide” with information on a wide range of lifestyle subjects, the “Green Report,” which tracks environmentally-focused news developments, and a discussion forum for interacting with other people interested in “Greening the Good Life.”

GO check it out. Heh.

Expand your view beyond the question of how we will run all the cars by means other than gasoline. This obsession with keeping the cars running at all costs could really prove fatal. It is especially unhelpful that so many self-proclaimed "greens" and political "progressives" are hung up on this monomaniacal theme. Get this: the cars are not part of the solution (whether they run on fossil fuels, vodka, used frymax™ oil, or cow shit). They are at the heart of the problem. And trying to salvage the entire Happy Motoring system by shifting it from gasoline to other fuels will only make things much worse. The bottom line of this is: start thinking beyond the car. We have to make other arrangements for virtually all the common activities of daily life.

- quoted from Kunstler

Kunstler is an idiot.

Brazil and the US teaming up on ethanol:

U.S. officials said they expect to sign accords within a year that would promote technology-sharing with Brazil and encourage more Latin American neighbors to become biofuel producers and consumers.

This is good news!

Brazil has a pretty good biotech base:

Biotechnology has already fueled growth among Brazil's ethanol makers. Developments of more-productive cane strains over the past three decades have helped the South American country make the biofuel at a lower cost than gasoline. Ethanol cost Brazilian distributors about 37 percent less on average than gasoline last week, the National Petroleum Agency said.

The US is still breaking records for ethanol production:

Once again, U.S. ethanol production continues to reach new levels. The latest statistics from the Energy Information Administration (EIA) indicate that November 2006 production reached a record of 343,000 barrels per day.

November production tallied approximately 431 million gallons, which on an annual basis would equate to more than 5 billion gallons. Ethanol demand for the month averaged 414,000 barrels per day, which is also a record, according to the Renewable Fuels Association (RFA).

Goodbye OPEC.

Heck yeah! Kunstler is an idiot! Well keep them cars runnin'!

Amerikuh! Heck yeah!!!

We'll run 'em on potatoes, the last of the trees, anything, we'll grind up the babies of the Infidel (tm) whatever it takes!

Like the movie Cars, where the only higher forms of life are cars, even the insects are little cars.

We need to preserve Life On Earth, and that means ...... CARS.

what is the best way to grind my child up so that I can feul my car. Kunstler is totally on the ball we have to kill the cars before they kill us.

Might want to try thermal depolymerization.

According to some quick division I did, for every 19 pounds or so of animal flesh you can create one gallon of high quality crude oil.

Let's see, my kids would provide 2-3 gallons each, or about what it takes to fuel the average daily commute in the U.S.

Longtime ethanol shill Keithster100 is dangerously close to joining former resident trolls OilCEO, Hothgar, dmatthews1, and Freddy Hutter in permanent retirement from this site.
You've been warned.

I really like the design. Here's hoping they achieve critical mass forthwith.

(and if you take their site tour, do check out the dog)

Prof G. Great idea for a discussion, lets move forward, super!

This site was posted by someone else here at TOD. Kudo's to the poster.

How do you remove the hydrogen sulphide portion of the gas? mentions rocks/water.(?)

Thanks, D, unless I wasn't the only one linking to this.

Afraid I don't know about the filtering/cleanup. I saw a followup on Pain, but don't have it handy. I'd like to know what his system taught them another 10 yrs later..

Here's an article from Mother Earth News with a little more detail on the techniques..

.. and this seems to be the current website.. I'll try the translator, as my French.. isn't.


Well, I should have seen it coming. They Call him 'Jean Bread' maybe that JohnnyCake in the US..

Thanks for the nod, PG! It's been a busy week, but, boy, it's been fun, too!