Articles from April 2005

Date Title Author Comments
04/29/2005 The alternate approach to the gas problem Heading Out 10
04/29/2005 Vijay Vaitheeswaran in the Economist Prof. Goose
04/28/2005 US Petroleum consumption Heading Out 15
04/28/2005 The Coming Politics of Peak Oil? Prof. Goose 19
04/28/2005 Timing is everything Heading Out 10
04/27/2005 Bartlett on CSPAN tonight... Prof. Goose 2
04/27/2005 Alternate Sources of Energy Heading Out 1
04/27/2005 Looking backward and forward Heading Out 6
04/27/2005 Late night, late-breaking news...military bases as sites for refineries and nuclear plants? Prof. Goose 7
04/26/2005 The Psychology of Peak Oil? Some thoughts and some questions... Prof. Goose 17
04/26/2005 Articles you can send to your friends without completely freaking them out... Prof. Goose 8
04/25/2005 Monday Night Conversation - Part Two Heading Out 7
04/25/2005 The Monday Night Conversation Prof. Goose 8
04/25/2005 More questions than answers Heading Out 12
04/25/2005 Maybe "peak oil" really is starting to drive the conversation? (heh, get it?) Prof. Goose 4
04/24/2005 The meaning of the Saudi oil mix Heading Out
04/22/2005 The One-Month Pregnancy Heading Out 11
04/22/2005 Hang on, let me get that vein ready...redux... Prof. Goose
04/22/2005 TOD's Been Around for One Month! Prof. Goose
04/21/2005 This is the picture from Matt Simmons Heading Out
04/21/2005 Future Challenges Heading Out 2
04/21/2005 this article is a big deal... Prof. Goose 4
04/20/2005 Supply needs more than just an oil reserve Heading Out 3
04/19/2005 Oil Depletion versus supply Heading Out 3
04/19/2005 The Internet is just too f-ing cool...and FTD's podcasting site... Prof. Goose 1
04/19/2005 Chinese success in Canada Heading Out
04/18/2005 The Impacts of Price Heading Out
04/18/2005 Today's News Linkage and Wrap-up Prof. Goose 1
04/15/2005 Oil and the Water pressure problem Heading Out 2
04/14/2005 Some easy math on oil production Heading Out
04/14/2005 News Round-up and Linkfest Prof. Goose 2
04/14/2005 Some of the many social theories germane to Peak Oil... Prof. Goose 2
04/13/2005 Wind above Washington Heading Out 3
04/12/2005 The Critical Price of Oil? Heading Out 3
04/12/2005 Thank you for your support...and a bit of rambling... Prof. Goose 3
04/11/2005 Why the oil pumps can't pump harder! Heading Out 4
04/11/2005 Why *are* gas prices so high? No, really, WHY??? Prof. Goose 7
04/11/2005 A Lesson for Texas Heading Out
04/10/2005 The Declining Oil Supply Heading Out 9
04/10/2005 Saudi Aramco expansion plans Heading Out 4
04/10/2005 The Vulnerability of the Oil Supply and Susceptibility of the Market to Terrorism Prof. Goose 2
04/10/2005 Wind and the Great Great Great Great Great etc Grandma Heading Out
04/10/2005 Today's News Linkage (and some commentary)... Prof. Goose 1
04/09/2005 More on the declining production of the oil fields in Saudi Arabia Heading Out 4
04/09/2005 More background - current Saudi production Heading Out
04/08/2005 Today's News Linkage and Wrap-up Prof. Goose 2
04/07/2005 Today's News Wrap-up... Prof. Goose 4
04/07/2005 Psst, your Emperor-Worship, why are you naked? Heading Out 2
04/07/2005 Hey thanks for the insight! (or, the growing demand for oil from China and India...) Prof. Goose 2
04/06/2005 Venezuela Official Comments on OPEC limited production ability Prof. Goose
04/05/2005 An example to explain the worry Heading Out 2
04/05/2005 Canada's Government, Canada's oil? Prof. Goose
04/04/2005 An Oil Question for Saudi Arabia Heading Out
04/04/2005 Hysteria doesn't help Heading Out
04/03/2005 Another good site Heading Out
04/03/2005 The Media view of Peak Oil Heading Out 2
04/02/2005 Awareness is changing Heading Out 2