Upcoming changes here at The Oil Drum

One of the best things about the The Oil Drum is our community of insightful commenters. In order increase the commenters' visibility and give them more of a role in the site, we are transitioning to a more sophisticated blogging platform called Scoop.

Many popular blogs are based on Scoop, including Kuro5hin, Daily Kos, and RedState.org.

Switching to this platform requires us to move to a more advanced (non-free) web hosting service. The associated costs will be funded by The Oil Drum's massive *cough* advertising revenues.

A few new features will be available following the switch. They include:
  • Comments will now be integrated with the posts and appear in a nested form.
  • Users will be able to create accounts and will be able to search through comments by user.
  • Posts we be assigned to different topics and users will be able to search on the topics as well.
Scoop is very powerful, and at the start we are only taking advantage of a few of its features. As the site matures, expect more features to be enabled like journals and all the other cool stuff you see on Scoop sites. (But as for right now I have my hands full enough thanks!)

We hope to have the new site completely functional and debugged towards the end of the month or early September. When we're ready, we will post a link here forwarding you to the new site of course. The old site will stay up for archival purposes...though we'll probably transfer some of the "greatest hits" over to the new site.

Finally, if you are a graphic artist or have some skills to make some neat-o graphics (keeping in mind our quite limited budget), give us a yell at the email addy in the sidebar, please.

Good luck with the transition! This is a good thing, right?

I used to frequent the boards at the Agonist before they switched to Scoop. Never got the hang of the new place. But that was more of a personal thing on my account, the community itself seems to be thriving.

no, this is a very good thing. we just want to keep improving and growing...

Scoop will be great. Looking forward to the diaries capability. Some of the best posts at Dkos are located in the diaries.

Good luck with the transition.

So, if I look at DailyKos, Super G, is this what the future looks like?

Good idea (moving away from a simple blog/comment format as is now) !

I rather figured you'd move to new digs sooner than later - the existing commenting system and lack of integrated search makes it difficult to keep up with all the discussions. Content tagging / topics will also be useful.

Hopefully you have some perl experience in the group. I found it easier to write scoop-like applications in Python than to learn perl -- joshing a little, but not much ;-)

I've written Perl code for the last 9 years, if you need some help. One of my websites, called Searchtuna, is written entirely in Perl (on the backend) along with MySQL running under Linux, of course. Let me know if I can be of assistance.

MW and Dave: It's great to know that we have some techie people in the community! I know enough Perl to put together Scoop modules, but I'm no expert. So far I've been able to do everything I've wanted to do, but I'm likely to hit a wall soon. When I get in a tight spot, you might be hearing from me!

Congrats on the upgrade. I'll be sure to click on a few ad links...

The Agonist did quite well with their transition!

I think the change is a good idea.

A simple comment system like the current one is good up to a point (f.ex. On Atrios it's getting ridiculous), but if you want more in depth discussions, scoop is a good idea.

Good luck with the upgrade, scoop is a good thing. If you need help with the transition, I would imagine that all you need to do is ask.


Hey search tuna is cool! I did a simple search on crude oil and got this report.

I'm glad Dave is a perl head. I can understand the stuff but I went down the python road 5 years ago and that's where my expertise is largely. I'm sure that between Dave and I we both have ample *nix experience (I use FreeBSD at the office, Linux in some client sites and used to work for a major unix vendor many eons ago...) if you ever get stuck.

Scoop sucks, I hate reading comments on a Scoop site, with the indented threading and ill laden comment rating systemÂ…

Dave (climate warming):

Is there a list of pre-run tuna searches and dates?

Here is the cgi link to the "peak oil" run I did today:

Is this going to be a good link forever?

(For those who have not yet tried Tuna Search, it takes about 5 minutes to get a report)


A pdf paper found via tuna search re Kuznet curves and relation of per capita income to pollution output:

I didn't know U.A.E. outstripped USA on per capita energy consumption. Interesting:


Another peek through the wayback time machine:
A 2001 report by WEC predicts that oil prices will "stabilize" at $25/barrel

What were they "thinking"?


p.s. the report has nice pictures and details about deep offshore oil extraction technologies ---and excel tables of reserve numbers in 2001