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This is a public service announcement. I received an email from the folks at Moving Ideas about a blog conference they are having tomorrow, which I am now going to try to post. (And, yes, as noted above, I wanted to see if I could actually post from this modern technological wonder.)

Hi Prof. Goose,

I work at the Moving Ideas Network (, a nonprofit network of public policy and advocacy organizations (and a project of The American Prospect magazine). I wanted to let you know about an online discussion taking place tomorrow with authors of "The Soul of Environmentalism".

I thought readers of The Oil Drum might be interested to learn more about it. Feel free to post about the chat or ask questions today or tomorrow at

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Well, $65/barrel today. I think we'll see a sawtooth pattern in oil prices with an upward trend in the indefinite future. As Simmons pointed out, we have a little "breathing room" between Labor Day and Thanksgiving to do something ???? before the winter demand surge is upon us. I grow increasingly confident that we will be in the $70 to $80 range by year's end but it could also be worse. This is very worrisome especailly in light of the first signs in some areas that the housing bubble is starting to burst. These two events together -- energy and housing -- can easily bring on the feared recessionary downturn. Afterall, 4 of the last 6 recessions in the last 50 years were preceded by spikes in oil prices.

I'm worried now.... things are happening fast.

Hopefully demand will start to slow-down and people will just chill and not freak-out. Calmly change your lifestyle and get over yourselves.

"The only thing we have to fear is fear itself" - FDR (1932)

As it turned out, peakguy, as the Great Depression went on throughout the 1930's followed by World War II, we had a lot more to fear than fear itself. I appreciate the encouraging thought but ....

Ironically Peak Oil would be the worst thing in the world for environmentalism. If that crisis mentality hits here in America we'll be drilling in every marine sanctuary and national park in the country. Old Faithful will have a giant oil derrick mounted over it as they hope to strike oil under the geysers.The Santa Barbara channel will be full of new rigs and nobody cares about a repeat of 1969. More Alaska drilling and another pipeline will be coming along, tough luck for the caribou. Florida beachgoers will have to start stepping around puddles of oil from their new offshore drilling industry. We have a national forest near where I live that they just finished a study and found enormous oil potential. If a Peak Oil crisis hits then you bet they'll start drilling.

Not to mention the extra carbon emissions from the Coal To Liquid programs and the dirty Canadian tar. Nobody's going to care, if it's a matter of starving/freezing to death vs protecting the environment. You know which side will win.

Modern environmentalism is a luxury that can be afforded only by the rich. If Peak Oil or some other crisis makes the world poor, environmentalism will be dropped like a hot potato. Human survival matters infinitely more than the welfare of animals and plants.

Since I often disagree with you Halfin, I'd like to take to tell you here that I agree completely with your comment on energy shortages versus environmental concerns.

"You know which side will win"? I sure do. And these days are coming soon I'm afraid....

if there's one thing I have learned over the years, it's this: it's always good to have people around that don't think like you do.

It's the only way we learn and/or question our assumptions. It may bug the living shit out of me at times, but that fundamental outweighs being annoyed to me.