apparently, are working again...Haloscan has been having problems over the past couple of days. It's affecting the whole 'sphere, not just us. If anyone is a fan of another commenting system, do let us know about it. We're tired of it too.
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I keep telling myself that I'm getting what I pay for with Haloscan.


I do notice that the number of comments shown on the home page and actual number of comments are not the same, for example, this thread....

Working --not yet

You rarely get "more" than what you pay for
But paying is no guarantee of getting

blogger has comments now too - all you need is to update your template with the correct tags... .

yeah, I know, but they're harder to moderate, and they aren't transferable...I think we have a solution in the works...

I find Blogger's comments to be a pain in the ass to use as a commenter to be honest. haloscan tends to work much better at least for me.