Shades of Old Movies

There is a disclaimer at the beginning of books and movies which, in essence, states that that all that follows is fiction, and any resemblance etc etc

The scene a relatively upmarket hotel in a Central Southern State – enter the Consiglieri (who this time looks more like Brando) who says, to the visiting Royal Personage, "Now let me make you an offer you can't refuse. You will meet the Godfather later this week, and he will speak of many helpful things, and then you will make the day most pleasant by agreeing to pump more oil."

"But," says the Personage," it is physically impossible, to do that, in the next few months."

"Oh, that would be a most unwise statement," says the Consiglieri.

The scene changes to a well-known ranch in the same state. The Personage comes out and the Godfather comes too (except in this case he looks more like Robert Duvall). The Godfather makes the appropriate comments about their relationship, but no-one remembered to use the horse's head this time, and the Personage says, in effect "Sorry, but no more oil."

Which is a mistake, because
"Mr. Corleone never asks a second favor once he's refused the first, understood?"
Before long, the Godfather's made person (who in this case is female) is wandering over into Personage's territory suggesting that the rules be changed, and perhaps the Personage and his clan should become history.

Aren't you glad that this is very badly written fiction.

Oh, and if you ever get to Anchorage, AK you might find that the difference between Sack's Café and the Corsair is the difference between excellent and very good. But who could be sybarite enough to eat in them in successive nights.
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For local color in Anchorage try Humpy's and their Halibut burger.

Interesting...I think Big Gav has the same template we do. 'Cuz this isn't happening to my other blog with a different template. Well, I'll let you all know if Blogger gets back to me.

it's happening to notre Général too - seems to be a blogger problem

G'Day Mates (I'm an Aussie so we have to do that)

Thank your god & mine that someone else noticed Rices' comments.
It sounded like the start of WWIII (or whichever one we are up to) when
I saw it on CNN a couple of days ago, yet no-one has commented about the threat to the Saudi's; that I could find.