Oh that oil pipeline

Oh that oil pipeline
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Well rumor has it that Fairbanks has a big celebration tomorrow to mark the land of the Midnight Sun (we're about 100 miles south of the Arctic Circle). Only thing is - you might note that it is rainy and misty. Didn't seem to bother the muskox, caribou or reindeer though.

Most of the time you can't find this - we had to search to find the little station with the souvenirs and this part of the exposed pipe, it goes underground about 100 yards north of where I stand, and that is why it is this close to the ground.

I hope you are having a great old time!

man, look at the springs on that thing... yeesh.

You might want to send a note for people to have a read at urbansurvival.com today. George has some "gunboat diplomacy" links that illustrate the administrations Peak Oil response. And his letter from the guy in Afghanistan is backed up by some emails I got a wek ago from a friend in Pakistan....

This is exactly the reason why I think that we are heading for a cliff - you cannot continually bully and piss off your neighbors, because sooner or later they will jointly confront you.