Now Batting, Ezra...Klein...

Ezra Klein reacts to the oil wargames last week:

"This article, detailing the results of a simulation focusing on oil crises, is worth reading for an idea of why people are concerned about peak oil. My excellent guests from the Oil Drum gave you a nice rundown this week, but hearing it from Gene Sperling and former CIA directors James Woolsey and Robert Gates has an authenticity that's hard to match."

Ez then goes on to discuss his thoughts on why peak oil is a big deal. Definitely worth the time.

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Two points. Woolsey is a stone cold loon. Second, these people are gaming a loss of 1.5 million barrels per day. This is something that we don't have to invoke a terrorist attack or a natural disaster to see happen. Depletion will do just fine.

no argument with you on Woolsey, but he has cred with the right...therefore, they may be more likely to pay attention...?

on your second point...I was thinking exactly the same thing. that's nothin'...just wait 'til OBL figures out what he can do to affect the supply...